NPA-Zacarias Sarsidillo Command Launches Continuous and Victorious Tactical Offensives! Red Armies Successfully Confiscate 23 Firearms, 15 Individual

NPA-Zacarias Sarsidillo Command Launches Continuous and Victorious Tactical Offensives! Red Armies Successfully Confiscate 23 Firearms, 15 Individual Military Equipments and Ammunitions!

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 3, 2011

The New People's Army (NPA) under Zacarias Sarsidillo Command launched continuous and successful tactical offensives in various municipalities in the province of Palawan. In a series of six (6) tactical offensives within the first half of 2011, the NPA successfully confiscated a total of 23 arms, 15 individual military equipments and ammunitions from private armed groups and mining corporations operating in the southern and northern part of Palawan.

Three (3) elements of the Provincial Mobile Group-Philippine National Police (PMG-PNP) were seriously wounded in an ambush by the NPA on March 14, 2011 in Bgy. Cataban, Taytay, Palawan. Elements of the PMG-PNP that were all aboard on a back-to-back vehicle descended into chaos and scampered away into the open as they were taken aback by the volley of rifle shots fired off by the NPA.

Meanwhile, a squad of the NPA disarmed Abet Pacia's private armed group in San Jose, Taytay on June 6, 2011. This armed group is notorious for its criminal operations and hostile attacks against the people. Successfully confiscated were one (1) carbine automatic rifle; two (2) shotguns; one (1) .45-caliber revolver; and one (1) night vision goggle.

On June 26, 2011, an NPA unit attacked the security personnel guarding the mining operations of Ipilan Nickel Corporation in Bgy. Ipilan, Espanola, Palawan. A shotgun; a 9mm pistol; and six (6) handheld radios were seized.

On the same day, a shotgun and a .38-caliber pistol were confiscated from the security personnel of Macro Asia, a nickel mining company operating in Bgy. Pulot 3, Espanola, Palawan.

A unit of the NPA in Danao Lake, Bgy. Poblacion, Taytay, Palawan executed confiscation of one (1) street sweeper shotgun; four (4)-.45-caliber revolvers; and one (1) icom radio from the Bantay Lawa Security Group on June 27, 2011. The security group is responsible for grabbing the lands and razing the plantations of the farmers in the area.

On July 2, 2011, mining equipments were confiscated from the Orebucks Mineral Traders, a small-scale mining enterprise of chromite in Bgy. Paly, Taytay, Palawan. Likewise confiscated were one (1) baby M16 assault rifle; two (2) shotguns; two (2) .45-caliber revolvers; two (2) ingram machine pistol; two (2) KG9; one (1) .38-caliber pistol; three (3) hand grenades; six (6) handheld radios; one (1) scope; and different kinds of ammunitions.

Samuel Caballero, spokesperson of Zacarias Sarsadillo Command-New People's Army Palawan, stated that the people celebrated the success of the tactical offensives as a form of revolutionary punishment for abusive armed groups and mining corporations in the southern and northern part of Palawan with pride and joy. The Palaweños have long voiced their grievances against these abusive armed groups and mining corporations. Aside from severe environmental degradation, the people also air objections against these mining corporations as their security personnel are heavily armed inducing fear and terror especially among the children and youth living in areas affected by and in danger due to the unabated mining operations. But instead of actively responding to their complaints, the local governments further collaborate and continuously permit and encourage local and foreign investors in conducting mining ventures in the province.

The NPA operatives strictly adhered to CARHRIHL and other standard operating procedures in carrying out the series of tactical offensives against abusive armed groups and anti-environmental and anti-people mining activities in the province. No civilians were hurt or harmed during these operations.

Recently winning media attention due to the Spratly Islands conflict, Balikatan Exercises between US armed forces and the AFP are regularly conducted in the province where soldiers are known for their infamous misconduct and aggression against civilians; notorious for being hired guns and guardians of local and foreign mining companies exploiting the province's rich and natural resources; and suppressors and repressors of the endeavors of the masses for justice. Amid and in time with the revolutionary movement's fight against these Balikatan Exercises and the counter-insurgency program of the US-Aquino regime dubbed as IPSP Bayanihan, the NPA in the island of Palawan will continue to launch tactical offensives and at the same time champion the interests and welfare of the Palaweños.

The victory of the latest tactical offensives launched in the province manifests the widening approval and strengthening support of the Palaweños to the revolutionary armed struggle and the New People's Army.