PNoy worse than his predecessors; his SONA portends of darker times in the next five years

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
July 26, 2011

As expected, PNoys second SONA veered away from dealing with the basic problems of the country and providing for long term solutions, dazzling the Filipino people with a litany of petty, if not highly questionable, achievements.

He chose not to mention even token words for land reform, true to his being a scion of the lord of Hacienda Luisita who chose to kill peasants and farm workers rather than give in to their legitimate right to the land. He also chose not to mention about national industrialization nor protect the workers from the ever intensifying exploitation of the big bourgeois, big landlord and imperialists firms.

His litany and statistics of achievements cannot hide the fact that in his first year in office, oil prices rose faster, bread shrunk faster, road toll and LRT fare increased faster, while food appeared lesser and lesser on the table among urban poor and peasant families than during the previous regimes.

PNoy focused on his governments campaign against the so called wang-wang corruption, as if it was all that mattered in solving the most generic of social ills, such as landlessness, joblessness and the marginalization of the basic masses caused by oppression and deprivation.

PNoy pinned all blame on the Arroyo government, marking the unmistakable distinction between his supposedly good government from her evil one. It was patently hard-sell, taking into account that none among GMA and her minions have been indicted nor jailed for crimes against the people. The attack on GMA, although warranted, works to PNoys favour because it smokescreens his government being worse than all previous regimes.

Even his advisers from the civil society who claim to be environmentalists failed to inject in his speech the concern against large-scale mining, logging and agri-business plantations that plunder and ravage our forests, mountains and plains, and pollute our atmosphere, wreaking havoc on peoples lives.

In his first SONA PNoy painted himself as a Peacemaker and yet in his first months in office, he ordered the immediate commencement of Oplan Bayanihan (OPB), a rehashed sequel to the brutal Oplan Bantay Laya of US-Arroyo regime and patterned after the US Counter-insurgency guide. He is a worse warmonger and only revealed himself a true puppet of US imperialism, a lackey who is a perfect fit to the US counter-insurgency strategy.

He chose to be silent on the peace talks with the NDFP because this regime, like all previous regimes, is not sincere in addressing the root causes of the armed conflict. But PNoys intentional omission of the peace process in his speech makes him a phony peacemaker. In his remaining years to come in office, we can anticipate the intensified brutality of this regime against the Filipino people under Oplan Bayanihan.

The countrys poverty solution does not only lie on the seeming sincerity of PNoys anti-corruption campaign nor in giving alms to the poor through poverty alleviation schemes and fuel subsidies, but in more basic solutions to the countrys basic social maladies.

The US-Aquino regime must heed the demands of the basic masses of peasants; it must protect the workers, the environment and patrimony by giving utmost priority to national industrialization.

But since the US-Aquino regime, true to his class, is anti-land reform, anti-national industrialization, the next five years will be worse than all the previous regimes. Thus this will make PNoy worse than Gloria, Estrada and the rest of his predecessors.

Lets move our country from the quagmire of plunder, exploitation and oppression in the next five years, not through the US-Aquino regimes way but through the national democratic peoples revolution.