Audio messages, pictures of NPA captives GPH Mayor Dano,military escorts reveal NPA’s lenient treatment, call for GPH principal Aquino’s SOMO

Rubi Del Mundo
NDF-Southern Mindanao
August 24, 2011

New People's Army captives GPH Mayor Henry Dano, Cpl. Alrey Villasis Desamparado and Pfc. Allan Pelino Saban, both intelligence operatives of the 4th Infantry Division-PA-AFP and who serve as Dano's escorts, called for GPH principal Benigno Aquino III's order for a suspension of military operations to ensure their safety and give way for an early release, in an audio message recorded on August 23 and released by the National Democratic Front Southern Mindanao.

The audio message and pictures of the three NPA captives reveal that they are well,physically fit, and attended by their NPA custodial force, consistent with the NPA's policy of humane and lenient treatment of its captives and in accordance with Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions.

The AFP is engaged in full-scale military offensives in the region. The 75th, 28th, 67th, 66th Infantry Battallions and the 2nd Scout Ranger of the Philippine Army and PNP contingents are using "rescue operations" for GPH Mayor Dano and two escorts to cover up its fascist offensives against the peasant communities in the towns of Lingig, Boston, Monkayo, Cateel, Bagangga, Trento,and Mangagoy.

The offensives and the hardline stance of the GPH peace negotiating panel are futile face-saving measures to disparage the NPA's capability to arrest, detain and try persons in pursuit of revolutionary justice. Aquino should uphold the protective status of NPA captives, recognize the revolutionary movement's legal-judicial process and suspend the military and police operations to resolve the case of GPH Mayor Dano, Cpl. Desamparado, and Pfc. Saban.###

(English translation)

Mayor Henry Dano

I am Henry Dano, Mayor of Lingig town, Surigao del Sur province. I was arrested by the NPA last August 6, 2011

Audio clip

Since then, I have been well, thank God, for the regular visits, daily blood pressure taking and medications that were given to me, medicines most especially for my arthritis. We were also given clothes and separate tent which we use during rainy or hot weather.

With all this, I hope my family will not worry over our situation, most especially my wife and children, my relatives, my supporters, to all Lingiganons, because we are well. We are in good condition. In fact, I was able to call my wife so that I can assure her of our situation in the countryside with the NPA.

I am asking for our beloved president, on my capacity as mayor of the town of Lingig and currently a detainee of the NPA, for the suspension of military operations to ensure our security and to facilitate for our early release from detention here, free from peril. I would also like to ask our beloved governor, Johnny Pimentel, to send my request to our beloved president, President Benigno Aquino III, to suspend the military operations to accord us safety, and to hasten our freedom.

Pfc. Allan Pelino Saban

I am Pfc. Alan P. Saban, 8464 Infantry Philippine Army- 6th IB-PA. I was arrested last August 6 in Lingig, Surigao, del Sur.

Audio clip

I am alright and my health is well. I am calling for my relatives, especially for my family that they will not be bothered with my condition, as the NPA treats us well. We were not hurt by them. Here, we were fed well.

That's why, right now, I am calling for Pres. Noynoy Aquino III to temporarily stop the military operation so that we will be in safe condition, and to hasten the process of hearing our case, and that we will be safe. Thank you.

Cpl. Alrey Villasis Desamparado

I am Corporal Alrey V. Desamparado, 832272 Infantry Philippine Army, based in the 75th Infantry Battalion-6th IB-Philippine Army. I was arrested last 06 August 2011 in the Municipality of Lingig, Surigao del Sur.

Audio clip

For my family, I would like say to them that they should not fret because I am well. I was not sick, nor was I harmed. The NPA treats me well. By God's mercy, I would be reunited with my family.

I am calling for Pres. Aquino, we are asking for your help to accelerate the process of hearing our case and so that we can safely return home to our loved ones. Pres. Aquino, you are our only hope. We look forward to your ordering the cessation of military operations so that we can regain our freedom. Thank you very much.