Political prisoner Alan Jazmines writes to police chief Bartolome

TO: Director General Nicanor Bartolome
Chief, Philippine National Police

THRU: Dir. Clarence Guinto
PNP Human Rights Affairs Office

FROM: Alan Jazmines
PNP Custodial Center, Camp Crame

DATE: 21 September 2011

I have taken the occasion of today's being the International Day of Peace and ironically as the 39th anniversary of the imposition of martial law to bring up to you important justice and human rights issues of detainees here, especially political detainees that are also issues of other political detainees in the country. I also write this in line with the call for the freedom of all political prisoners.

I have assumed that you may be open to the justice and human rights issues I would like to bring up through this letter, as I noted that you took your oath upon assuming office the other day before the Chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, and that you also announced your plan to set up a human rights desk in every PNP unit, which I assume also includes every custodial center under the PNP.

First of all, as we have encountered here several cases of unjust, and even patently illegal detention of political prisoners who continue to be oppressed the way martial law prisoners were, and have several times taken this matter up to the PNP HRAO, CRR, Public Attorneys Office, as well as progressive lawyers groups (like Public Interest Law Center and National Union of Progressive Lawyers), human rights organizations like KARAPATAN, SELDA, Hustisya), and also to the National Democratic front of the Philippines peace panel, I would like to again seriously suggest the formation of joint legal and human rights investigation teams from the PNP and some of the other groups to investigate and review individual cases of political prisoners here at the PNP Custodial Center in Camp Crame, and in all other PNP administered jails throughout the country. This may even be one of the first and most important tasks that should be attended to by the human rights' desks that I assume will be put up in every custodial center under the PNP.

With the help of others, we political prisoners here can provide much of the information and evidences to prove unjust and illegal detention in practically all our cases.

Secondly, aside from the issue of unjust and illegal detention of political prisoners we would also like to raise a number of issues of human rights violations and undue restrictions which we hope you can help resolve or at least significantly alleviate.

We hope for your attention and response to this.

(sgd) Alan Jazmines

cf: Office of the Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs
Commission on Human Rights
Public Interest Law Center
National Union of Progressive Lawyers
NDFP Negotiating Panel