2 Military Intelligence Officers facing maximum punishment for blood debts & espionage will be granted conditional release

Rigoberto F. Sanchez
Merardo Arce Command, NPA Southern Mindanao
October 6, 2011

There are clear and justifiable bases for the New People’s Army military tribunal to mete out the maximum penalty of death to the two military escorts of Mayor Henry Dano of Lingig, Surigao del Sur who covertly operated as intelligence officers of the 75th IB-4th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army-AFP.

Cpl. Alrey Desamparado (Serial No. 832272) and Pfc. Alan Saban (Serial No 846458) belong to the Intelligence Section of the 75th IB and previously of the 36th IB. Documentary evidence, investigation results and their own admission have established without any doubt that they are spies. And under the stringent application of Art. 46, Sec. 2 Part III of Protocol I of the Geneva Convention of 1948, they do not qualify as POWs.

Hence, under the prevailing conditions of civil war, the NPA as a party to the armed conflict, stands on justifiable grounds in applying its own military court proceedings against these captured enemy spies in accordance with the Rules on the Investigation and Prosecution of Suspected Enemy Spies (RIPSES) of the People’s Democratic Government, Cpl. Alrey Desamparado and Pfc. Alan Saban are charged for the commission of the following acts:

a. Blood debts incurred for the killing of an NPA cadre of Guerilla Front 6 (Bukidnon) where they operated as intelligence officers of the 36th IB-4th ID-AFP;
b. Their intelligence operations in Lingig, Surigao del Sur, under cover as “military escorts” of Mayor Dano, resulted in the arrest of Ka Enchang and two other NPA hors d combat on June 2011;
c.Prior to their capture, they were at the forefront of intensified 4th ID intelligence operations targeting specific NPA officers and Party cadres of Guerilla Front 20 (SMR) and Guerilla Front 14 (NEMR).

However, as an act of humanitarianism, the Merardo Arce Command-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command of the NPA has accorded them the POW status, and will suspend the initiation of military court proceedings in which they face the recommended capital punishment for the aforesaid charges for they are indicted and will grant the conditional release of the two captured enemy intelligence officers. Their release shall be undertaken together with that of Mayor Henry Dano.

This is in consideration to the voluntary admission and apology made by Cpl. Alrey Desamparado and Pfc. Alan Saban which included an appeal for a chance to cease their participation in the armed counterrevolutionary operations of the fascist AFP, make amends for their crimes against the people and the revolutionary movement and revert to civilian status.

But if and when they wilfully violate the specific conditions of their release, they shall be consequently placed in the Order of Battle of the NPA.