Aquino officials should be ashamed for defending Tag-anito

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)
October 6, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today assailed the Aquino government for defending the Tag-anito Mining Company after it was punished by the revolutionary movement for having caused massive destruction in the mountains, agricultural land and waters of Surigao del Norte.

The CPP chided Secretary Jesus Robredo of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) for urging Taganito officials to continue its operations, "completely ignoring the numerous complaints of local residents against the mining company which has caused grave destruction to agricultural lands and fishing grounds, violated the rights of the Lumad people, displaced peasants and fisherfolk and subjected its workers to extremely exploitative working conditions."

Last Monday, NPA units carried out orders from revolutionary authorities to destroy facilities and equipment of three mining companies in Claver, Surigao del Norte. Local residents celebrated the successful operations which put a stop to the destructive operations of Tag-anito High-Pressure Acid Leaching (THPAL-Sumitomo), Tag-anito Mining Corporation (TMC), and the Platinum Gold Metal Corporation (PGMC),

According to the National Democratic Front-Northeast Mindanao spokesperson Maria Malaya, senior officials of TMC, a foreign official and consultants of THPAL were held for five hours for questioning and were admonished for the unscrupulous practices of their respective companies, but were subsequently sent home late in the afternoon.

"By planning to beef up military and police security for the Taganito company and other mining companies, the Aquino government is openly defending the biggest despoilers of the environment," said the CPP.

"Employing more military forces, however, will not stop the revolutionary forces from enforcing the policy of the democratic people's government of banning all enterprises that engage in the large-scale plunder of natural resources, landgrabbing and the destruction of the environment."