CPDF answer to Randy Kidman's poison letter

Simon “Ka Filiw” Naogsan,
Cordillera People’s Democratic Front

The Editor
Mountain Province Exponent
Bontoc, Mountain Province

Dear Greg,

Warm Greetings! This pertains to a letter to the editor to Mountain Province Exponent signed by a certain Randy Kidman. Needless to say, apart from being a poisonous letter, the letter writer is galit sa mundo!

Instead of refuting the charges point by point, we will just summarize the arguments and identify the distortions. It is highly doubtful if there is a Randy in the Kidman family, or for that matter a Cole in the Pinading clan. Ni Cole Pinading ken Randy Kidman ket naparnuay ti nasadot ken malisyuso a panunot ti propaganda machine ti militar. It is highly probable that the alias was lifted from the name of Ms. Nicole Kidman, an American actress, and then split into two seemingly separate names each appending an Igorot name to make it appear as authentic. The fetish for American actresses aside, spin masters of the 5th IDPA and NOLCOM have now resorted to the cowardly act of hiding behind pseudonyms to cover their devious demonization acts and intrigues. The crux of the matter in the letter is a desperate and haphazard move in lieu of their failure to deceive the public to sustain the closure of the MPSPC.

It is preposterous to imagine how the funds of an audited government agency such as the MPSPC can be channeled to the NPA, more so if it is an institution that suffers from 15% annual budget cuts. But seriously, speaking of finances one wonders who had been shouldering the expenses of the lobbyists for their travels and hotel bills in Baguio and Manila? The seemingly well financed daily mobilizations are suspect! How will the financiers of the lynch mob recover their expenses? Anyone can guess.

As we have already pointed out before, it is “ridiculous” to compare Arroyo with Dacyon because it belittles Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s crimes against the people. Perhaps “Randy Kidman” is a die-hard fan of Arroyo and is offended because he was also a residual recipient of a portion of the “pabaon” system, or shared in the spoils in maintaining ghost CAFGU’s, or scandalous gasoline and aviation gas allocations or unaudited intelligence fund expenditures, to surmise a few. Kidding aside, it is a matter of record that the NPA and the CPDF stands to defend all victims of injustices including those who suffer from the psy-war tirades of the military. All of us are incensed when the democratic rights of poor farmers including oppressed Igorots are trampled upon by abusive military men and officials, when the houses of innocent citizens are raided for the flimsiest of reasons or when schools, daycare centers, barangay halls, dapay/ato and the like are used as barracks by combat troops. Likewise, professionals and government officials who are targets of vilification campaigns while in the pursuit of their oath of service to the public need to be defended. It can not be denied that we have even commended some officers in the military itself who dared to expose and denounce blatant anomalies such as Navy Senior Grade Lt. Nancy Gadian who dared to cry out the wrongdoings in the funds of the Balikatan exercises. Likewise, we gave periodic salutation to the patriotic members of the clandestine Lt. Crispin Tagamolila Movement for their revolutionary work within and amongst the reactionary AFP. Moreover, we continue to commend the members of the Tirad Pass Brigade (TPB) for their painstaking work among the junior officers and rank and file of the AFP and PNP. The CPDF shall continue to fight against the abuses of corrupt military officials who benefit from the various nefarious activities and shenanigans. Likewise, the mercenary character of the AFP and its obvious role as Strategic Investment Defense Force for the plunder and economic aggression of corporate mining companies and other destructive giant projects has to be opposed and frustrated.

For that matter, “Kidman’s” call for the government to “stop providing security to Dacyon” is preposterous. It just exposes the rotten coconut head of this letter writer! His twisted sense of service is grabe. Instead of providing security for those who’s lives are threatened, it would seem his happiest day if an untoward incident befalls those he perceives he does not like. It would seem to explain why the AFP and PNP never lifted a finger when the MPSPC’s fences were being scaled, when the gates were padlocked and when the unruly mob’s barricades prevented students from entering the school for two months since July 1.

It is likewise an insult to the intelligence of our studentry to allege that the undersigned ghostwrites their statements. The future leaders of our next generations have our respect, especially when almost all MPSPC student organizations voted against the planned actions of the MPSPC shutdown movement in a forum held last week. “Kidman’s” analysis and comparison of the LPS and my rejoinders is poor – since when has knowledge of tuition fee rates and the like become my preoccupation?

The CPDF and the NPA do not engage in parliamentary struggle. It is wrong enough to state a big lie; it is too much to invent a false data. It is not true that Katribu lost in the Cordillera. Katribu gained 42,000 votes in the Cordillera, the largest partylist vote in the region. It was number one in MP and Kalinga and fared second in Ifugao, third in Benguet, fifth in Apayao and ninth in Abra despite the intense and varied dirty tactics and sabotage employed by the state security forces to intimidate Katribu and other progressive partylists campaigners and voters. So it is not true that it was rejected. Why single out Katribu? Is it because the writer is also ghost-writing for the military-backed partylists of Palparan et al who got clobbered in the last elections, not even gaining the votes of the military voters?

The lie that a college president is allegedly a coordinator of Katribu is evident because teachers have their own partylist and even won a seat; moreover, teachers would otherwise have a neutral stand as they are the election supervisors. Common sense (something lacking in “Kidman’s” logic) dictates that red-plated vehicles of a school cannot be used for partisan campaigns.

“Kidman’s” intelligence-gathering on Dacyon’s brother is deficient, to say the least. There were actually two brothers brutally and mercilessly slaughtered by the military, when the younger sibling, then a student, arranged for a family reunion with his older brother. Our red-tagging charge is based on direct observations, and not based on the say-so of someone thus needing our defense.

We find “Kidman's” logic laughable and convoluted. He condemns the BOT and CHED for supporting PNAD, but at the same time appeals to them to believe his tirades. Like the logic in the hysterical counter-insurgency video/PowerPoint "Knowing Thy Enemy", he projects the line that those who are not carrying the line of the military is therefore "in cahoots" with the CPDF-NPA. We thank him for the unwitting compliment, but it is just natural that many in the public including those in government service are honest and do not believe in the convoluted military logic all the time, and thus share the analysis of progressive forces. They know that the budget for SUCs next year has been reduced by a net of P146 million (including P403 million to be deducted for personnel services in 58 SUCs) in favor of the debt payments (amounting to 20% of the total budget) and the military bureaucracy.

“Kidman's” threat to the CHED and BOT smacks of fascist tendencies so much akin to the military mindset. His veiled threat carries the possibility of carrying out assassinations even on government officials and their family just so that the military ways and ends are achieved. Thus we must be ever vigilant, and make all efforts to isolate the die-hard instigators of the bogus shutdown movement against the MPSPC, who are now plotting again to cripple the school’s operations.

Mabtad taku!

Simon “Ka Filiw” Naogsan,
Spokesperson, CPDF