CPP congratulates NPA in Northeast Mindanao for punishing big foreign mining company

CPP Information Bureau
October 04, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the New People's Army (NPA) for successfully carrying out punitive actions against destructive mining operations in the Caraga region, even as it laughed off statements from MalacaƱang dismissing the NPA attacks as "isolated."

Yesterday, hundreds of NPA Red fighters carried out simultaneous attacks against big-scale mining operations of Taganito Mining Corporation in Claver, Surigao del Norte province to enforce the policy of banning foreign mining and logging firms that engage in the large-scale plunder of natural resources and destruction of the environment.

NPA fighters succeeded in disabling machinery used by the Taganito Company in its large-scale mining operations. Taganito is one of the biggest mining companies operating in the Philippines and among the top extractors and exporters of nickel. It is owned by Japanese multinational Sumitomo Company.

According to National Democratic Front-Mindanao spokesperson Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos, local residents and revolutionary authorities wrote several letters to Taganito and its Japanese bosses telling them to stop their destructive mining operations and to inform them of the policy of the people's democratic government regarding mining operations. Taganito workers also complained of low wages and extremely exploitative working conditions.

Taganito officials ignored the appeals of their workers and local residents and failed to heed summons issued by the revolutionary authorities. Their refusal to cooperate with the local authorities of the people's democratic government compelled the revolutionary forces to carry out yesterday's attacks.

The CPP said the attacks "demonstrate the determination and capability of the New People's Army to enforce the policy of the people's democratic government to ban all big foreign mining and logging companies that plunder the Filipino people's natural resources, seize land from the peasants and national minorities and cause environmental destruction."

"This policy is being carried out in small and big ways by NPA units across the country," said the CPP. "The revolutionary forces will continue to enforce this policy to defend the people's national patrimony, protect the environment and advance agrarian revolution."

"The success of yesterday's attacks will inspire other units of the NPA to carry out similar operations in other parts of the country."