‘Ka Roger leaves perpetual flame to hearts and minds of urban revolutionaries!’--- CPP-MMRPC

CPP - Metro Manila Regional Party Committee
October 18, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines-Metro Manila Regional Party Committee (CPP-MMRPC) joins the entire revolutionary movement in mourning to the death of CPP and New People’s Army (NPA) spokesperson, Gregorio ‘Ka Roger’ Rosal. The entire ranks of revolutionaries, activists and mass members of various formations in Metro Manila send our highest salute to Ka Roger’s unwavering service to the oppressed and to the revolutionary movement in the past four decades.

During our close encounter with the late revolutionary leader during a regional Party conference inside an NPA camp at the Southern Tagalog region in time of the fulfilment of our organization’s rectification movement on 1998, we had the chance to see the soft side of the great strong warrior. We witness how Ka Roger is strongly attached to peasants and comrades in the area in just a short span of time when he warmly hosted the said meeting.

As an icon of modesty, Ka Roger remains to be jolly, sensitive to the feelings of his colleagues and approachable to all despite being a high-ranking official of the revolutionary movement. Ka Roger never fails to accomplish his duty to be on the side of the oppressed to air their sentiments and to be the mortal enemy of imperialism and local oppressors to frustrate their anti-people policies.

His selfless and undying commitment to the revolution leaves perpetual flame to hearts and minds of urban revolutionaries. This flame that weakened the oppressors and had shed light to the path of the working class for genuine social transformation will remain and will burn even brighter as the days of landlords and bourgeoisie compradors are being numbered.

Manifestation of the gained trust and sympathy of Ka Roger not just to elements of the revolutionary movement but also to broadest number of middle class includes his mass appeal to members of the media and to students which make his death a trending topic on Twitter and other social networking sites. This only recognizes the cause of Ka Roger and influence of the Party’s 43 years of uninterrupted revolution.

In response to his death, we call on all our members to further intensify the people’s struggle against the present US-puppet regime of Benigno Simeon Aquino III. Ka Roger will serve as inspiration to us in Metro Manila to join and accelerate the people’s war in the countryside that will bring the national democratic revolution in to a new and higher phase onwards socialism.

We will strive harder to do our share in accomplishingthe two major responsibilities of the urban mass movement in the people’s democratic struggle:

First, we will exhaust all possible means to strengthen the urban mass movement in forms of bigger street protests against the war being waged by the US-Aquino regime to the oppressed sectors on urban areas and centres including massive demolition scheme on urban poor; labor flexibilization and contractualization schemes on the working sector; slash on education and health subsidy for Filipino students and people; among others. In order for us to attain this task of mobilizing the critical mass on the street parliament, we must live through the teaching and practices of Ka Roger to arouse and organize the people decisively.

Secondly, the CPP-MMRPC calls on its members to actively support the armed revolution in the countryside in forms of massive deployment of educated youth and workers to become red fighters and join the NPA.Having thousands of urban revolutionaries enlisting to be part of the revolutionary armed forces of the people for the protracted people’s war will result to forging further unity of the peasantry and the working class.Other forms of support to the armed struggle on rural areas will also be welcomed.

Finally, the entire national democratic movement offers the looming victory of the revolution in the couple of years from now to Ka Roger and to all other martyrs of the Filipino people who selflessly devoted their lives for the interests of the peasant and the working class.