"Ka Roger" news of death sparks overwhelming public response

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
October 10, 2011

Public notice of Ka Roger's death has sparked widespread expression of sympathy, grief and admiration for the former CPP spokesperson.

The CPP yesterday announced the death of its former spokesperson Gregorio "Ka Roger" Rosal who succumbed to a heart attack on June 22. The CPP had delayed issuing a public announcement because it had to confirm first whether his daughters had already received the news of their father's passing. Intensive military operations prevented the sad news from reaching Ka Roger's children with dispatch.

The CPP statement was released on the internet through the Philippine Revolution Web Central (www.philippinerevolution.net) which dedicated its website to the memory of Ka Roger. Immediately after, the Facebook and Twitter accounts of CPP media liaison officer Marco Valbuena was filled with expressions of sympathy and grief. Internet users posted their condolences to Ka Roger's family, friends and comrades. By nighttime, "Ka Roger" became one of the top trending words in the Philippines. The people who twitted about Ka Roger's death ranged from bloggers, journalists and reporters, government officials and friends to ordinary folk. Text messages were received from ordinary people, especially those who said they were among those whose lives were touched by Ka Roger as representative of the revolutionary cause.

"The only sour note yesterday were the hypcroticial statements from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesperson who expressed feigned sympathy with Ka Roger's family after more than twenty years of tormenting his daughters and relatives with their intensive surveillance operations."