Ka Roger: A true revolutionary hero of the Filipino People

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
NDFP - Mindanao
October 15, 2011

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines in Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao), on behalf of thousands of Party members, thousands of Red commanders and fighters, and hundreds of thousands of masses, gives its highest Red salute to Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, martyr of the Philippine revolutionary movement.

For over a decade, Ka Roger, as official spokesperson, served as the face and voice of the Communist Party of the Philippines, and, through him, directives, decisions, policies and calls of the Party flowed to enlighten all together Party members, Red commanders and fighters, revolutionary masses, and the general public across the archipelago. As the Party’s spokesperson, Ka Roger displayed great dedication in resounding the stand and views of the CPP, in enjoining revolutionary forces and the entire Filipino people to carry forward the national democratic revolution.

Through his projections in mainstream media, the nation, and the world, became more acquainted with the humility as well as the diligent style of work of the Filipino communist.

Ka Roger’s stint as the spokesperson for the Communist Party was the shining moment in the field of propaganda especially during the years of the Second Great Rectification Movement. He elucidated on various political and social issues and concerns in casual witticism and in a language the common, toiling folk can easily relate with. With this, he earned the respect of the media people, won many friends, disarmed his opponents in debate, but, at the same time reaped the ire of the local ruling class of big landlords and big comprador bourgeoisie, and the US imperialist. Having come from the oppressed class himself, he is no stranger from the daily experiences and struggles of the masses. Above his mastery of the language of the masses, Ka Roger had a firm grasp of the correct line of the Party.

Ka Roger’s humble background reflects the historical truth that the masses are the real heroes. He was an ordinary struggling BatangueƱo who toiled day and night peddling mosquito nets and other wares in order to pay for his education. His uninterrupted link with the masses, be it in their struggle for production, survival and social strife, and protest, transformed him from an ordinary activist to an intellectual who, later on, excelled in his revolutionary tasks, particularly as CPP spokesperson.

Ka Roger was a true hero of the masses. He was the hero who, until his death, his breath heaved with the flaming passion for the service of the people and the revolution. He was always one with the aspirations of the Filipino people, especially that of the workers, the peasants, and the multitudes of common struggling Filipinos; the hero who was magnanimous in victory, yet humble and open to self-criticism in the face of shortcomings.

His adept handling of revolutionary propaganda was borne out of a deep sense of revolutionary commitment, practice, and sacrifice. He exhibited fervor in undertaking revolutionary propaganda work that was extraordinary, pursuing his tasks at hand despite security risks. Often, he pushed himself even beyond his health limitations. Armed with mobile phone in hand and the eagerness to shed light on pressing concerns, he seized every opportunity available to make sure the task given him was positively carried out. So far, no other revolutionary spokesperson has reached the height of what Ka Roger has achieved in the arena of revolutionary propaganda.

Whenever Ka Roger spoke, his voice reverberating through the radio, it became not a just a simple explanation of issues but a clarion call for all revolutionaries and the masses to be steadfast and to intensify efforts to overcome difficulties. Whether it was regarding calamities due to inclement weather or human rights violations resulting from virulent military operations, Ka Roger is calling upon all to rally under the higher unity of winning the Revolution.

The ruling classes and its armed mercenaries have all conspired to eliminate Ka Roger, but miserably failed. They have mocked him, vilified him, tarnished his person with outrageous crimes he neither induced nor committed, but to all came to naught. Desperate, reactionary governments and their armed forces have gone to extreme lengths to set elaborate traps to capture Ka Roger, but such attempts were futile. They have even kidnapped her daughter Andrea, then three years old, to break him and make him bow before the ruling reactionary classes. Instead of submitting himself to the whims of the enemies, with revolutionary resolve, Ka Roger whipped up a storm in broadcast media exposing the brutality of the reactionary state, and eventually causing them to yield and release his beloved daughter. Even in his deathbed, the enemies never abandoned their pursuit to capture Ka Roger by tricking him to accept the offer of assistance for his medication.

Although he has not personally visited Mindanao, Ka Roger knew well the issues and shares the aspirations of the Mindanaoans. He was concerned with the plight of the landless peasants, of exploited and oppressed workers, and the continuing strife of the Lumad and the Moro peoples. He never failed to congratulate the Red commanders and fighters and the masses of the five regions (Southern Mindanao, Northeastern Mindanao, Northcentral Mindanao, Far South Mindanao and Western Mindanao) in the island for carrying out numerous daring and successful tactical offensives.

The reactionary classes and the imperialists may have been rejoicing over Ka Roger’s death, but, little do they realize that thousands of Ka Rogers shall emerge from the ranks of the revolutionaries. In our beloved comrade’s passing, we turn to Chairman Mao when he said:
“Let us turn our grief into revolutionary courage.”

Long live Ka Roger!
Long live the Filipino people!
Long live the national democratic revolution!