Kabataang Makabayan - Southern Mindanao Region
October 15, 2011

(Statement from the KABATAANG MAKABAYAN Southern Mindanao Region
on the death of Comrade Gregorio Rosal)

His death is a beginning to take once more the challenge of tirelessly organizing the youth sector.

“If we do not organize the youth and students, the enemy will do the organizing. If we do not guide them properly, others will seize the opportunity.” These were the words of Comrade Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal that has been embedded deep into our hearts and minds to take on the fight to a higher level.

Ka Roger, may be most remembered as the face of the Communist Party of the Philippines being its spokesman for decades. For Kabataang Makabayan, he will be remembered, most significantly, as a dedicated and committed revolutionary leader of the toiling masses; he will be remembered as a youth who chose to defend the Filipino people. As a revolutionary youth, he lived his life following Comrade Mao Tse-Tung’s message to SERVE THE PEOPLE!

Ka Roger came from a humble peasant family in Batangas where he witnessed and experienced sufferings and struggles of the masses. Ka Roger left school at an early age to help his family by being a landlord’s help and a huckster selling mosquito nets and small items. He grew up witnessing first-hand the extreme feudal and semi-feudal exploitation and oppression under the hands of big landlords.

Ka Roger’s experiences and membership in Kabataan Makabayan raised his political consciousness and it deepened his involvement during the First Quarter Storm and later as a political prisoner under the Marcos dictatorship.

As an educated youth of peasant origin he yearned deeply for a new society. He was a student of society which chose to wear a Mao cap - a student involved in the praxis of revolution continuously contributing to the evolution of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Unlike other youth subscribing to many ideologies that are actually apologists of capitalism, pseudo-activists, pseudo-Marxists, and those who claim that they are still leftists, Ka Roger was never “outdated” because he is immersed with the lives of the masses.

Where the masses live each day braving the contradictions of nature, class contradiction and revolution, Marxism is always updated. Up to this day, Marxism and its application in building a Socialist society is the only alternative; such is the only ideology that can articulate a comprehensive solution and the armed revolution it must undertake.

This ideology, the Armed Forces of the Philippines called as “romanticizing the armed-struggle,” is what the imperialists and the fascist state hoped will die with Ka Roger’s death. The AFP has long sought to kill him in combat.

Ka Roger could have chosen to work hard for his own family, but he knew better - in a system of inequality and oppression, the ruling class will do everything they can to stay on top lest the people deny them of the power. Choosing to serve the people, Ka Roger became a Party cadre and Red Fighter of the New People’s Army in Southern Tagalog.

He led, organized, and mobilized the peasantry in waging and advancing armed struggle and agrarian revolution that includes the minimum program of reducing land rent, abolition of usury, raising wages of farm workers, raising the prices of farmers’ produce, up to the punishment of abusive and despotic landlords.

His was the passion for selflessly serving the masses. Ka Roger exemplified the role of the youth in the society. The universities taught us of the knowledge about the world. But there are those who use the knowledge to change the world with the system of oppression into a world with justice and freedom. That is the role of youth in the society and that is the legacy of Ka Roger.

The oppression Ka Roger had experienced when he worked as a landlord’s aid is still the experience of the youth of today. Majority of the youth are farm workers who are denied of their right to land and are denied of education among other basic social services.

The oppressive system has abused and subjugated the youth’s intellect and labor force for their own end. But every day, new breeds of nationalist youth are born with this oppressive situation. Every day, hundreds of youth are willing to learn from the masses and struggle with them for a world where justice and freedom exists.

Until victory, Kabataang Makabayan commits itself to live the life Ka Roger chose - a life of undying love for the oppressed.#