NDF-SMR will comply with NDFP order of release to subject to a SOMO/SOPO in North Cotabato, Bukidnon, & Davao City

Ruby Del Mundo
National Democratic Front - Southern Mindanao
October 2, 2011

The National Democratic Front Southern Mindanao will undertake the release of its four Prisoners of War (POWs) in compliance with the political decision reached by the NDFP.

To expedite the implementation of the NDFP release order of the four POWs Jail Inspector Murphy Bomoway Todyog (Badge No. 0-08021), Jail Warden Erico Dacillo Llamasares (Badge No. 0-07022), Special Jail Officer 2 (SJ02) Rogelio Begontes (Badge No. 960187), and Jail Officer 1 (JOI) Rolando Delta Bajoyo, Jr., the GPH political leadership must reciprocate by immediately effecting a suspension of all offensive military and police operations in areas being considered by the custodial unit as possible release site.

We have to bear in mind that the 6th and 4th Infantry Divisions-Eastern Mindanao Command-AFP have continuously conducted military operations packaged as “rescue” and “peace and development” operations despite call’s by the POWs and their relatives for a temporary cessation of military operations so as not to jeopardize the POWs’ security. But the Eastmincom-AFP did not heed this and instead intensified its operations in the hinterlands of North Cotabato, Bukidnon and Davao City.

Hence, a SOMO and a SOPO are requisites to ensure the safe and orderly process of the release of the POWs to the ICRC and members of the independent humanitarian mission composed of GPH national, regional and provincial officials and church leaders who shall then turn them over to their respective families.

The GPH SOMO and SOPO must cover the municipalities of Arakan, Antipas, Magpet, Makilala and Kidapawan City in North Cotabato, the municipalities of Kitaotao, Quezon, Kibawe, Damulog and Dangcagan in Bukidnon and the districts of Marilog, Baguio and Calinan in Davao CIty. The operating troops of the 27th Special Forces, the 57th Infantry Battalion and the 61st Infantry Battalion – which are both under the 602nd Brigade-6th Infantry Division-PA and the 8th Infantry Battalion-403rd Brigade-4th Infantry Division must temporarily cease their offensive operations which should include their combat support and special operations which wear the mask of “peace and development” operations.

If and when the GPH orders a SOMO/SOPO, the POWs custodial unit shall undertake the release procedures after it has verified the AFP and the PNP’s compliance on the ground. #