NDFP-Mindanao warns against destructive business operations

Jorge 'Ka Oris' Madlos
October 5, 2011

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines in Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao) commends the New People’s Army under the Pulang Diwata Command (NPA-PDC) in the North-Eastern Mindanao Region, and the masses who provided valuable technical and moral support, for meting out revolutionary punitive action on October 3, 2011 against three of the biggest mining companies in the province of Surigao del Norte, namely the Taganito Mining Corp. (TMC), the Taganito High-Pressure Acid Leaching Corp. (THPAL-Sumitomo), and the Platinum Group Metals Corp. (PGMC).

The punitive action employed by revolutionary forces against the said large-scale mining companies is timely and warranted, delivering a fatal blow against rapacious business interests that ravage the environment and natural resources, and intensify the exploitation and repression of workers, peasants, and the Lumad people.

This sanction serves as a warning to other big mining operations in Mindanao, especially those which deliberately and consistently violate revolutionary policies on the protection of the environment and the welfare of the toiling masses. The revolutionary movement will not hesitate to severely punish mining companies, such as the Eastern Mining Corp. in Diwalwal, Monkayo, Compostela Valley; the Xtrata-SMI Mining Corp. in Tampakan, South Cotabat; the San Roque Mining Inc. in Tubay, Agusan del Norte; and the Toronto Ventures Inc. in Zamboanga Sibugay, if they continuously disregard these policies.

Far worse than the mining operations, destructive agri-business companies, such as Dole, Del Monte, and large-scale oil palm plantations which have poisoned our soil, air, and water, deprived thousands of peasants and Lumads of land and means of living, and exploited and oppressed workers, are likewise subject to the same revolutionary policies.

We also warn other environmentally-hazardous businesses, such as the Philippine Sinter Corp.-Kawasaki, the coal-fired power plant in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental, and hydro-electric power plants, including business entities still planning to put up similarly destructive operations.

In imposing upon the people to believe their self-serving and distorted concept of “development,” the Aquino regime, the local ruling classes, and foreign monopoly capitalists force us to kowtow to the interests of big foreign and local big bourgeois comprador firms. But, there is no real development to speak of when millions of tons of our mineral resources and agricultural products are hauled to imperialist countries to rake in super profits for foreign capitalists, and leave the masses more impoverished and at the receiving end of calamities brought about by their wanton destruction of our ecology. To reiterate, the revolutionary movement is not opposed to development if it serves the people’s aspiration for genuine land reform and national industrialization.

Worse than the Arroyo regime, the Aquino government is exposed of its connivance with destructive mining companies, such as Sumitomo, Nickel Asia Corporation, and SRMI. By allowing the said companies to operate and ravage the environment without let up, it only reveals the Aquino regime’s shameless sell-out of the nation’s patrimony to his real bosses: the profit-hungry foreign monopoly capitalists and their local stooges.

The revolutionary movement has delivered a clear-cut message to the Aquino regime, the big landlords, big bourgeois compradors, and their imperialist masters: We are serious and determined to protect our patrimony, sovereignty, and the general welfare and interests of the people and the environment. We will use the full potential of the revolutionary movement to carry out these just policies.

Only the revolutionary government genuinely fights to end the wanton destruction of the environment and the unrestrained depletion of natural resources by foreign monopoly capitalists. Only the revolutionary government is determined to stop the brazen exploitation and repression of workers, peasants, and the Lumad people.

Our socio-economic programs, such as land reform, environmental protection, economic welfare of the Lumad people, peasants and workers, are being implemented in our base areas, and those who consciously resist and violate these programs are subject to punitive action similar to the recent measure taken by the NPA against the three giant mining firms in Claver, Surigao del Norte.

The Aquino government still has a chance to redeem itself if it is serious enough to discuss through the NDFP-GPH peace talks regarding the defense and preservation of the national patrimony within the framework of the next substantive agenda on Socio-Economic Reforms.