Pnoy's all out justice is all out war

Ka Efren
NDFP - Farsouth Mindanao Region
October 28, 2011

We view with the gravest concern the retaliatory acts of the US Aquino regime on the Al-Barka incident where 19 officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) were killed.

We are one with the Moro people, who are most affected, in condemning these retaliatory moves of a government whose policy is purportedly “all-out justice”.

Is this what Aquino calls justice? At least 33 people dead, 40 wounded and 20,000 civilians evacuated; this according to the reports in the national dailies. Unreported are the atrocities committed by the AFP, which is bent on drawing blood for their fallen officers and men.

The brutal, fascist attack by the AFP against hapless civilians and the irresponsible warmongering of out and out militarists in the Senate like Enrile and Biazon will only stoke the fire of discontent brewing in the hearts and minds of the BangsaMoro. It will only add to the long list of state violence and national oppression inflicted on the Moro people. And it will be another reason for the Moro people to fight back against this oppressive state represented by the double-dealing, hypocritical US-Aquino regime.

The National Democratic Front – FSMR is one with the Moro people and their revolutionary forces in their legitimate struggle for national emancipation and genuine autonomy and will try its utmost best to fight for the interests and welfare of the BangsaMoro.

For the NDF-FSMR

Ka Efren