Red salute to the martyrs of Tineg

Diego Wadagan
Agustin Begnalen Command, NPA - Abra
13 October 2011

On October 10, 2011, the 503rd Brigade pounced on NPA guerillas in Barangay Caganayan, Tineg, Abra. The soldiers were guided by treacherous elements and caught the guerrillas off-guard. It was a dark moment as 8 NPA guerrillas died while fighting a more powerful enemy force.

The brave guerrillas who perished in the battle are Ka Rencel, Ka Oxy/Alon, Ka Arbis/Ogie, Ka Recti, Ka Kris, Ka Berlin, Ka Bunso/Ronald, and Ka Andoy. Their birth names or identities will be released and confirmed, pending identification of their families and by the masses.

While the AFP immediately airlifted their lone casualty and boasted of the massacre in the mass media, unscrupulous elements reported that the bodies of the NPA guerrillas were immediately transported to Bangued, the capital town of Abra. But the truth is that as of the moment, families of the slain guerrillas and humanitarian groups are still on their way to retrieve the bodies. Earlier efforts by the Municipal Government of Tineg and local townsfolk from Tineg and Lacub to retrieve and transport the bodies were futile, because nobody from the locality can help as most men hid for fear of military reprisal and atrocities; the people were terrorized by continuous bombings and indiscriminate machinegun fire. Caganayan is 4 hours ride and 4-5 hours hike from Bangued.

We condemn the overuse of firepower not only against the NPA but the terror effect of these acts on the masses. On humanitarian grounds, the AFP should have transported the bodies and stopped military operations in the area to allow safe and unhampered humanitarian missions access to the area.

While the revolutionary movement gives premium importance to cadres, members, officers and red fighters alike, the revolution cannot be stopped by the death of individuals. Instead, their shining example of arduous struggle, bravery in battle, and selfless sacrifice serves as inspiration to the masses and all revolutionaries. On the other hand, the AFP is feasting on the death of Ka Roger and the Tineg 8, while their former chiefs-of-staffs and commander-in-chiefs died of suicide or are very sick because of shame due to plunder and tyrannical rule.

The brave NPA guerrillas died fighting for the interests of the masses by advancing revolution so that genuine national peace and democracy can be achieved. On the other hand, 503rd Brigade soldiers are serving as security forces for large-scale mining companies hell-bent on grabbing the natural resources of Abra, particularly that of Tineg. We are fighting a just war and will surely win. The AFP is fighting a lost cause, and Oplan Bayanihan, like its predecessor Oplan Bantay Laya I & II, will surely fail.

Long live the shining memory of Tineg 8!