Strengthen the broad patriotic front against US imperialist intervention!

Ang Bayan
October 7, 2011

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US imperialist intervention is intensifying in the Philippines under the puppet Aquino regime. Relentlessly interfering in the country’s internal economic, political, military and cultural affairs, US imperialist overlords have been brazenly brandishing their military power to further consolidate more than a century of neocolonial domination in the country and push harder for policies that cater to foreign interests to the detriment of the people.

Since US imperialism’s establishment of the Philippine neocolonial state in 1946, the Filipino people have been mired in chronic crisis due tothe plunderous operations of foreign companies and their exaction of superprofits from the country’s resources. They conspire with the big comprador bourgeoisie and the big landlords in oppressing and exploiting the masses of workers and peasants and in extracting and living off the country’s natural resources. They have been using the reactionary state and fascist military to suppress the people for taking action to achieve national and democratic change.

For more than three decades, the Philippines has been bogged in ever deeper crisis due to the relentless implementation of liberalization, deregulation, privatization and denationalization policies by successive puppet regimes. These policies have led to an increasingly crushing debt burden, more widespread unemployment, wage freezes and the destruction of productive forces. They have spurred massive landgrabbing to the detriment of food production,the plunder of the country’s natural wealth and the degradation of the environment. The Filipino people are now suffering from hunger and poverty at levels unprecedented in the country’s history.

Despite these policies’ disastrous effects, US imperialism’s reactionary puppets have the gall to further drive the Philippines into the abyss of neocolonialism. Their sinister goal is to further open the country’s economy, deceiving the people with the illusion of a “world without borders” in order to banish from their minds the importance of patrimony, of freedom, sovereignty, national dignity and the right to self-determination.

Reactionary puppets and the Aquino regime’s men have resurrected calls to amend the 1987 constitution to completely do away with provisions that support the national patrimony. To the Filipino people, this brings back memories of the 1946 campaign to adopt the Parity Amendments granting equal rights to Americans to do business, own land and exploit the country’s resources.

In the name of “attracting foreign investments,” reactionary puppets have been pushing for amendments that would allow foreign capitalists to buy land in the Philippines and permit 100%foreign-owned companies to operate in the country. If these measures push through, the problem of landlessness and the eviction of peasants from their farms will surely worsen. This will also surely spell the demise of small local businessmen who,for decades, have failed to recover from the dumping of imported goods and the influx of foreign capital.

For decades, reactionary economists have peddled the lie that attracting foreign investments is the solution to the country’s economic problems. For several decades, successive reactionary regimes have not stopped thinking about what incentives they could offer to foreign capitalists. They have depressed workers’ wages, enforced widespread contractualization, suppressed unions, provided tax holidays and allowed100% profit repatriation, control over hundreds of thousands of hectares of land and mountainous areas and the use of public funds in their investments.

Direct foreign investments in the Philippines grew almost thirty fold from $914 million in1980 to $24.9 billion in 2010. But there has been no development.Instead, the Philippine economy has further deteriorated. Manufacturing’s share in the overall economy is down to its level in the 1950s. The country suffers from an unemployment rate that is not only unequalled in its history but unresolvable even with the allout campaign to export migrant labor.

The new Parity Amendments being pushed will usher in anew era in Philippine neocolonial history—a time of unbridled foreign plunder under a puppet regime. Philippine "freedom"will be further devoid of meaning. The puppet state will be reduced even more to being a mere administrator of foreign interests in the country, whose direction and future will lie completely in the hands of foreign monopoly capitalists.

These moves by the reactionary state pose both a threat and a challenge to the Filipino people, especially the working class, the peasant masses, the urban petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie. They are the ones who bear the brunt of the oppressive and exploitative system. The added burdens wrought by the new Parity Amendments and the complete surrender of the country’s economic sovereignty will weigh most heavily on their shoulders.

The Filipino people must thoroughly resist attempts to further condemn the Philippines to semicolonialism. The reactionary puppets’ insistence on completely surrendering Philippine economic sovereignty must be confronted head-on by all-out struggle to defend national freedom, democracy and the right to self-determination.

The entire people must rally around the banner of the patriotic front to effectively thwart plans by the reactionary pup pets for the all-out betrayal of the country and continuously advance the struggle for national freedom. We must propagate the patriotic spirit, especially among the youth and studentry. We must shatter the illusions of “globalization” and “development” being peddled by the imperialists and their puppets by propagating the patriotic study of the country’s history.

The patriotic front must advance the policies of self-determination and resist foreign intervention in the country’s internal affairs. It must demand the abrogation of all unequal military treaties and an end to the permanent presence of American troops in the Philippines. The patriotic forces must fight for an independent foreign policy based on mutual respect among nations and against intervention.

The patriotic front must advance nationalist or patriotic economic policies. It must fight for the junking of proimperialist laws such as the Oil Deregulation Law, the Foreign Investments Incentives Act, the Mining Act of 1995 and other laws that favor foreign capitalists and are contrary to the interests of local investors. It must fight for the abrogation of unequal economic treaties like the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement, the Treaty of Amity with Japan and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, among others.

It must advance the principle of self-determination in economic policies and resist the dictates of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. It must demand an end to the Philippines’ debt reliance. It must push for land reform and national industrialization.

At the foundation of the country’s patriotic front are the revolutionary and progressive forces. They must persevere in mobilizing the broad masses and in advancing the armed struggle for national and social liberation. Part of this effort are the antifeudal struggles in the countryside which include movements to protect the environment and the livelihoods of the peasant masses and the minority peoples against big comprador mining and logging.

Also part of this overall effort are urban struggles against heavier tax burdens, monopoly pricing of petroleum products and reductions in social spending as well as mass struggles for higher wages and to defend the right to decent jobs.

In the face of the long standing and deepening depression of the world capitalist system, US imperialism has been browbeating its semicolonies like the Philippines in order to further exploit at their natural resources and their cheap labor.