Tribute to Ka Roger from Austria

Revolutionary Communist Youth League (RCYL)

Dear Comrades,

Recently we got the painful information of the death of Comrade Gregorio Rosal, “Ka Roger”, the Spokesperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

As marxist-leninist-maoist Communists in a imperialistic country, we try to give our best to propagandize communist parties in suppressed countries, especially those parties who wage people´s war. Since a long time the Communist Party of the Philippines wage out such a revolutionary war and all revolutionary and progressive forces around the world are in deep solidarity with the struggle of your Party, the New People´s Army and the Mass- and Unity-Front-Organizations against fascism, repression and imperialist exploitation.

Ka Roger was a prominent person of the protracted people´s war in the Philippines and he gave his whole life to serve the people with everything he do. Also during personally very hard and complicate situations he never let alone the people´s masses and their revolutionary struggle; in such situations he always tries to come back on his place as fast as possible to go on again on the path of revolution. Especially this uncompromising attitude makes him to a big exemplar for all revolutionaries and communists, especially for the revolutionary youth.

We wish to express our deepest condolences to the Party, the New People´s Army and his family.

Let us hold up the life and work of Ka Roger!

Long live the people´s war!

Long live the New Peoples Army!
Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!


Revolutionär-Kommunistischer Jugendverband (RKJV)
Revolutionary-Communist Youth League (RCYL)


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4021 Linz

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