KM condemns police brutality, Salutes the Youth and students for militant action and defiance of state repression

Ma Laya Guerrero
Kabataang Makabayan
December 8, 2011

On the past two days, the youth led a march and called for a people’s camp out at Mendiola, at the foot of Malacanang Palace only to be dispersed violently by composite forces of the Philippine National Police. Different youth groups called for the march in condemnation of the chronic crisis that day and night strangles the Filipino people. They called for the camp-out to expose and oppose the rotten system with the banner-call “Ibagsak ang Bulok na Sistema. Baguhin ang Lipunan!” (Topple the rottem system, change our society).

KM condemns in strongest term the brutal dispersals, excessive use of force from the 1st day on Tuesday and broad daylight violations of the police that resulted to the injury of around 46 people including around 6 who were brought to Philippine General Hospital on the 2nd day. The PNP shamelessly cordoned 5 of youth protesters after beating them, arrested and detained them at the Western Police District. They are being slapped with ridiculous baseless cases including sedition, violation of BP880 or No Permit, No Rally law which is a measure since Marcos dictatorship.

In the past several months, the youth groups held protests and strikes against the pro-imperialist budget and anti-people proposed budget, only to fall on deaf ears. The budget proposed was nothing but a budget for foreign debt-servicing to the enrichment of the international usurers and a propped up budget for the military for the government’s counter-revolutionary plan Oplan Bayanihan. Nothing substantive for the education and the social services, there were only slash and huge cuts. Enraged by this, the youth had called for the camp-out with the workers contingent on the second day and the migrants and other sectors on the next few days of their camp-out.

The police thru the direction of the US-puppet Aquino government shamelessly justifies the violent dispersal with their so-called received ‘intelligence reports’ of the camp-out, culled from facebook and the camp out website, and which they stupidly claim as seditious.

What stands out though is that this puppet government is so paranoid of the peoples movement and legitimate demands for social justice and social change, as exemplified by the Occupy Movement and the peoples general strikes across the globe. What frightens them most is that the youth spark a national awakening questioning this rotten society dominated by imperialism, bureaucrat-capitalism and feudalism just like the youth awakening the world over. The US-puppet Aquino government is hallucinating that the placards and streamers that the youth protesters were carrying are arms that will topple this government, that Aquino his very intelligent generals in PNP summoned police reinforcement as far as Northern Luzon.

By suppressing the message of the youth-led peoples camp out, the US-Aquino government is exposing its vulnerability as this regime loses day by day the the moral authority to govern. The people are fed up with all rhetoric of “change” when all policies are benefitting the landlords, big and foreign capitalists and enrichment of bureaucrats at the expense of the people.

The US-Aquino regime might be learning the lesson that the people of the world are rising up against the imperialist crisis and the burdens that monopoly-capitalism lay on the back of the toiling people, with the willingness of their vassal states, aka puppet governments.

KM salutes the youth and students for their determination to reach and reclaim Mendiola as a peoples Freedom Park and to fight state repression by building the camp-out park not just a symbol of defiance. KM sees that the camp-out can only transcend its symbolic nature if the youth groups will be able to transform it into a real space for organizing and educating fellow youth and the people about the social ills and the need to end this bankrupt system that enriches a few and enslaves the majority of our people.

KM calls on all its members and chapters to tirelessly arouse, organize and mobilize for the national democratic revolution, and expand our membership by taking root among the broadest number of youth and the people nationwide. Let us build our strength and rock the US-puppet Aquino regime with bigger protests, strikes and camp-outs in the coming 2012.

Fascism as a weapon of an oppressive state will only incite more youth to see the social reality and rise up to fight, join the widening revolutionary movement and people’s war. Let the powers-that-be tremble with the thought that the youth, with the workers and peasants and other oppressed sectors in our society are strengthening and expanding its revolutionary mass organizations. Let them tremble with their nightmare, as the youth and oppressed people rise up to take their historic role to bring about a new democracy, and socialism towards a society without exploitation.

Mabuhay ang Kabataang Makabayan!
Kabataan maglingkod sa bayan, baguhin ang lipunan!
Ibagsak ang naghaharing sistemang nagsisilbi lamang sa iilan!
Sumapi sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan!