The Aquino regime must immediately take Arroyo to account

Editorial, Ang Bayan, 7 May 2011
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The Filipino people were gladdened at the resignation of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez on May 6. With Gutierrez's resignation, a huge obstacle has been removed from filing charges against Gloria Arroyo and her partners in crime. Now, demands have become more urgent to hold Arroyo accountable at the soonest possible time for plunder and stealing from the public coffers as well as for more than a thousand counts of extrajudicial killing and other crimes against humanity.

Gutierrez's resignation came amid widespread calls from the people to oust her as Ombudsman. Her resignation has preempted the Senate's constitution as an impeachment court that will try her on the charges that have been filed against her.

NDF-EV criticizes MSQRT as a palliative measure and a platform for absolving human rights violators

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Eastern Visayas
Mayo 14, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas said today that extra-legal killings and enforced disappearances will not be solved by the Multi-Sectoral Quick Reaction Team (MSQRT) called "Kasugbong" in Western Samar and involving the military, police and other government agencies and non-governmental organizations. The initiative is backed by the Euro-Phil Justice Support Program, The Asia Foundation, and the Ateneo Human Rights Center. "Does it not bother the proponents of this MSQRT that it campaigns against extra-legal killings and enforced disappearances but enlists the military and police, who have often been accused as the very perpetrators of such crimes?" asked Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. "Moreover, the MSQRT appears to address only the mechanics of trying to solve such human rights violations, while ignoring such essential issues as the impunity of state security forces and the larger social context of the civil war. The MSQRT seems no different than previous forums and dialogues where human rights violations are discussed but nothing substantial achieved.

Walang naganap na engkwentro sa pagitan ng NPA at Pulis sa Rizal, Nueva Ecija. PNP at AFP muli na namang nagpalaganap ng pambabaluktot sa media

Ka Alexander Guerrero
Provincial Operational Command, NPA-Nueva Ecija
14 May 2011

Isang malaking kasinungalingan ang malisyosong balita na ipinalaganap sa media ni Chief Supt. Agrimero Cruz, tagapagsalita ng PNP mula sa Camp Crame, kahapon ng tanghali.

Hindi totoong mga myembro ng NPA ang sinasabing nakasagupa ng pinagsanib na tropa ng Provincial Public Safety Company ng Nueva Ecija Provincial Police Office (NE-PPO) at mga sundalo diumano mula sa 702nd Infantry Brigade sa Sitio Bulod, Barangay Poblacion West, Rizal noong Biyernes ng umaga.

NPA disarming of US mining firm an enforcement of the people's policy of protecting the national patrimony against foreign monopoly firms

Rigoberto F. Sanchez
Merardo Arce Command, NPA-Southern Mindanao
13 May 2011

Guerillas belonging to the 3rd Pulang Bagani Company of the Merardo Arce Command-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command of the New People’s Army (3rd PBC-MAC-SMROC-NPA) disarmed a security unit of the Russel Mining and Minerals Incorporated -- an American mining company -- in Sitio Lawaan, Barangay Kingking Pantukan, Compostela Valley province yesterday afternoon. Four M4 high-powered rifles were confiscated. One of the mining firm’s armed personnel who tried to give battle to the NPA unit was killed while the others who did not were left unhurt.

Terorismo sg estado sa idalom sg Oplan Bayanihan pagapaslawon sg NPA kg pumuluyong Negrosanon

CPP Information Bureau
May 12, 2011

“Padayon nga paslawon kg lutoson sg NPA-Negros kg sg pumuluyong Negrosanon ang pasista kg kontra-kauswagan nga Oplan Bayanihan sg rehimen US-Aquino,” ini ang pahayag ni Ka Juanito Magbanua, spokesman sg Aponinario “Boy” Gatmaitan Command (AGC) sg NPA Negros Island.

Suno kay Ka Magbanua nagapabilin nga prayoridad sg AFP kg PNP ang isla sg Negros sa idalom sg Oplan Bayanihan nga sa esensya ekstensyon lamang sg madinugu-on kg mapintas nga Oplan Bantay Laya (OBL) sg nagligad nga rehimen Arroyo. Wala pa matagaan sg hustisya ang mga biktima sg OBL kaangay sg extra-judicial killings, enforce disappearances, tortures, force evacuations kg iban pa nga porma sg human rights violations.

10th ID-PA-AFP, guilty of public disinformation; 71st IB troops ambushed part of a full combat operation

Anvil Guinto
Crucifino Uballas Command, NPA-Southern Mindanao
10 May 2011

The NPA's Crucifino Uballas Command-Front 2 Operations Command slams the 10th Infantry Division-Philippine Army for spreading malicious disinformation to the public and the media surrounding the May 4 NPA ambush in Barangay Tibagon, Pantukan, Compostela Valley. Troops of the 71st IB's Charlie Company were not on search-and-rescue operations when hit by a platoon of Red fighters from the CUC-NPA. Truth to tell, they were on combat operations.

NDF-Negros calls for military and political actions to drive out mining operations in Negros

Ka Frank Fernandez
May 10, 2011

The Revolutionary movement in Negros will do all it can to implement the policy of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the Revolutionary Government of the People for the total ban of destructive mining explorations and operations. The New People's Army (NPA) and the revolutionary masses will launch political and military struggles to halt and drive out the on-going mining explorations and operations of Philex Mining, Philmet Exploration Corp, Essensa Mining Corp and 40 other mining companies that has pending mining rights applications.

If the massive mining operations in the mountains of Negros Occidental in the areas of Hinobaan, Sipalay City, Cauayan, Kabankalan City, Himamaylan City, Binalbagan, Isabela and in Negros Oriental that covers Basay, Ayungon, Bindoy , Tayasan, Jimalalud, La Libertad and Guihulngan that will reach a total of 40% of the total land area in the island or 80% of the total agricultural land. If this happens Negros will be transformed into a desert and will be destroyed.

Ka Joas, a Comrade for all Seasons

Ka Frank Fernandez
May 9, 2011

"The Revolution is my Family! The Revolution has molded myself totally. Thru the Revolution I was able to see and feel my significance in this world. This is by serving the people with all honesty especially the oppressed and the exploited when I joined the New People's Army." This is the declaration of Ka Joas/ Pao in a CSC and 3-check up session before he was martyred.

Ka Pao was martyred last September 21, 2010, 5:20 pm (the 38th anniversary of the much hated Martial Law), in Sitio Dong-e, Manlocahoc, Sipalay City. He was checking for the source of drinkable water when he was spotted by a squad-patrol of the 31st Coy Division Reconnaisance Company. He was gunned down immediately though he was unarmed. He took 26 fatal wounds in the body. His wristwatch was divested by the AFP butchers.

Clerico Fascist Ringleaders coopt the Catholic Church Program for counter-revolutionary and anti-people campaign of the AFP

Ka Frank Fernandez
May 8, 2011

Through the evil maneuvers of a grouplet of cleric-fascist ringleaders in priestly garb and seemingly pious lay leaders they were able to effectively coopted in the name of the Catholic Church and the Pastoral Program of the Social Action Centers of the four dioceses of Negros Island to serve in the intensification of the counter revolutionary campaign of the AFP and PNP based on the Oplan " Bantay Laya" of the Arroyo regime and the Oplan "Bayanihan" of the present Aquino ruling faction to destroy the revolutionary movement.

Families of two NPA prisoners of war call on the AFP to pull out their troops to give way to negotiations; NPA assures POWs are treated humanely

Isabel Santiago
Herminio Alfronso Command, Front 53 Operations Command, NPA-Southern Mindanao
8 May 2011

The NPA’s Herminio Alfonso Command-Front 53 Operations Command has received a letter from the families of the two NPA prisoners of war (POWs), Cpl. Delfin Largo Sarocam (Serial # 797683) and PFC Jayson Burgos Valenzuela (Serial # 872545), dated April 29. In the handwritten letter, the families thanked the NPA for taking care of their loved ones and called on the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to pull out their troops to give way to a possible negotiated release. It was signed by Mrs. Jean Sarocam and Mr. Marcos Sarocam, Jr., POW Sarocam’s wife and brother, respectively; and Mrs. Gina Valenzuela, POW Valenzuela’s mother.