The military is using SIPPAD to rubber-stamp Oplan Bayanihan

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Eastern Visayas
Hunyo 29, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas said today the 8th Infantry Division is using the Samar Island Partnership for Peace and Development to rubber-stamp Oplan Bayanihan. "The military has long exerted undue influence on SIPPAD," said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. "But the Church-backed multi-sectoral assembly is now making a very dangerous mistake in rubber-stamping the 8th ID's so-called road projects under Oplan Bayanihan that pretend to have the good signboard of "peace and development." In fact, Oplan Bayanihan is no different from Oplan Bantay Laya in pursuing the purely military solution to the armed conflict as well as eschewing human rights and international humanitarian law. Soliciting the support of civilian agencies and non-governmental organizations is part of the strategy and tactics of Oplan Bayanihan to camouflage the continuing climate of impunity for violations of human rights and international humanitarian law."

All NDFP representatives must be released for the peace talks to continue

Ang Bayan
21 June 2011
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All the detained consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) must be released in order for the peace talks between the NDFP and the Government of the Philippines (GPH) to continue. The continued incarceration by the GPH of NDFP representatives is the biggest obstacle to the progress of the peace negotiations.

Expose and Oppose the Continuing Lies of Col Sumagaysay and spokesmen of the 303rd Brigade!

Cecil Estrella
Roselyn Pelle Command, NPA-Nortern Negros
June 29, 2011

Col Jonas Sumagaysay and the spokesmen of the 303rd Brigade are engage in psywar gimmicks thru their statements that several NPAs were killed and wounded in encounters against the Phil Army.

Sumagaysay , Col Gubat and the spokesmen of the 303rd Bde is in delirium as they fabricate their brand of lies, complete with details and names of the “dead” and “wounded” NPAs. Their lies are sustained, non-stop and almost daily. Sumagaysay is in high fever in his dreams that the NPA is demoralized, fighting and killing each other.

PNP intelligence officer and leader of armed fanatical cult, goon killed in NPA highway checkpoint in Southern Mindanao

Conrado Heredia Command
Front 20 Operations Command, NPA-Southern Mindanao
25 June 2011

The Philippine National Police intelligence officer who was also the leader of a private armed group of a fanatical religious cult along with his paramilitary aide saw their bloody end after they opened fire at a New People's Army mobile checkpoint along the national highway in Monkayo, Compostela Valley Province, Thursday, June 23 at around 7 am. The Red fighters successfully confiscated a baby Armalite and four pistols following the tactical offensive at Purok 7, in Barangay Pasian, Monkayo town.

Fake Surrenderees in Sarangani and the Balik Baril Program as a Milking Cow

Front 72, NPA-FarSouth Mindanao Region
27 June 2011

The Hon. Mayor Rudy Caoagdan
Makilala, North Cotabato

Dear Mayor Caoagdan,

Warmest greetings and we hope this letter finds you well and in the best of health.

We note with gratitude and admiration your offer to hospitalize our comrades who may have been wounded in the most recent encounters with the AFP. Fortunately, not one of our comrades was wounded in this recent attack by the military who bombed our areas eight times with tora-tora gunships. The villagers’ crops and a nipa hut were directly hit and the people were very much afraid. Militarization is too much and this is taking a very heavy toll on the hapless civilians who are already burdened with the economic crisis. If the AFP will only just stay in their barracks and not disrupt the people’s lives and livelihood, perhaps real development will exist in your municipality. We are one with you in a common effort to find a lasting solution to the problems of poverty and oppression.

Tactical Offensive vs. PNP personnel a legitimate NPA military operation; PO3 Salva's hostile reaction to 'agaw-armas' led to his killing

Rafael de la Cruz
Wilfredo Zapanta Command,Front 18 Operations Command,NPA-Southern Mindanao
23 June 2011

The New People's Army disarming operation carried out by operatives of the Wilfredo Zapanta Command-Front 18 Operations Command-NPA against a Philippine National Police personnel manning a police outpost at the Mati Bus Terminal in Davao Oriental, June 7, was a legitimate military action. As an armed combatant of the PNP, PO3 Alfredo Salva was a legitimate military target.

The Truth Behind the North Cotabato Encounters

Macario Dilaab
Mt Alip Front Operations Command, Front 72 – FarSouth Mindanao Region
June 26, 2011

May we inform the public, especially our beloved mass activists and allies that there is not a single Red fighter of the New People’s Army who has been killed or wounded in the series of encounters in Brgy Malasila and Brgy. Luayon, Makilala, North Cotabato on June 15, 16 and 17. There were however at least a total of seven (7) bodies of AFP contingents brought to the army helicopter immediately after the encounters as seen and observed directly by our snipers who were positioned at a vantage point. Reliable reports have reached us that there were actually 16 casualties on the side of the AFP, mostly soldiers from the 57th IB, 40th IB and 39th IB after a misencounter among the operating troops. They were so confused and disorganized that they were firing on each other while a team of Red fighters observed from a safe distance.

A tribute to Rhea Whitehead, dear friend of the Filipino people

Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
24 June 2011

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) renders tribute to Rhea Whitehead, a dear friend of the Filipino people in their struggle for social justice, freedom and national liberation. The NDFP conveys its heartfelt condolences to her loving husband, Ray, their three daughters, grandchildren and other family members, relatives and numerous friends around the globe.