CPP condemns AFP refusal to release Burgos and other abducted activists

CPP Information Bureau
July 16, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today condemned the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for refusing to release peasant activists Jonas Burgos, Karen Empeño, Sherlyn Cadapan and Manuel Merino despite the Supreme Court's issuance of a habeas corpus order directing the military to produce them in court.

"The AFP's refusal to heed the decisions of the Supreme Court shows its continuing contempt for human rights," said the CPP. "It has given the Supreme Court a virtual slap-in-the-face through a simple denial of custody of Burgos, et.al, despite overwhelming evidence showing the direct responsibility of AFP officials and personnel in the abductions."

Resist US imperialist intervention in the South China Sea The Filipino people must thoroughly expose and resist US schemes to foment conflict in the

Ang Bayan
7 July 2011
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The Filipino people must thoroughly expose and resist US schemes to foment conflict in the South China Sea among the Philippines, China and other countries claiming the Spratly Islands in part or in whole. The US' interference has no other objective than to justify the deployment of military forces in the region in the name of "defending Philippine sovereignty."

The people must also thoroughly expose and condemn the Aquino regime for allowing itself to be used by its imperialist overlord to exacerbate discord over the Spratlys. With US prodding, the Aquino regime has been whipping up disputes over the Spratly Islands by issuing aggressive statements and making provocative moves against China. The aim is to justify "requests for assistance" from the US invoking the RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) and thus pave the way for the US' forward deployment of military personnel and war materiel in the region.

Mga kasong kriminal ni Superintendent Rodney Ramirez, siningil ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan!

Apolinario Matienza
Eduardo Dagli Command, NPA-Batangas
July 14, 2011

Iginawad ng BHB Batangas ang pamamarusa sa isang mataas na opisyal ng PNP (dating Provincial Intelligence Officer ng PNP Batangas) na si Superintendent Rodney Ramirez dahil sa mga kasong kriminal. Siya ay residente ng P. Burgos St. Barangay Anak Dagat, Lemery, Batangas, may asawa at 2 anak. Isinagawa ang pamamarusa noong ika-12 ng Hulyo 2011 bandang alas 9:45 ng umaga sa Barangay Butong bayan ng Taal, habang ligtas na naka-atras ang mga operatiba ng BHB.

Making Sipalay a Military Garrison to protect destructive mining will encourage more NPA offensives

Southwest Negros Guerilla Front, NPA-Negros Island
July 14, 2011

After failing to protect the environmental destroyer PHILEX Mining Corporations , the AFP particularly the 303rd Bde PA is now calling for the deployment of more troops in the mining areas of Sipalay-Hinobaan-Candoni. The 303rd Bde has recommended to the 3rd ID PA to set up more detachments, patrols and civil-military psy war operations aimed to harass poor peasants who are active against land grabbing and destruction of the environment by the mining giants. The Maranon-Montilla-Alvarez clique has become paranoid even equating destructive mining as favorable to eco-tourism and thus be fully secured by the AFP-PNP.

Cases filed against Pablo “Jean” Sola Jr in the Revolutionary People’s Court

Andrea Guerrero
ARMANDO SUMAYANG, JR. COMMAND, Southwest Negros Guerilla Front, Negros Island
July 13, 2011

The revolutionary movement welcomes the brave filing of cases by the peasants against Pablo “Jean” Sola Jr. for six brutal murders and “salvaging”, 10 counts of destruction of properties, 1 count of arson, land grabbing of lots of 37 residents, destruction of crops of the people, threats and indiscriminate firing.

Gen. Chan is exploiting Samar bishops like chess pieces in Oplan Bayanihan's game of war

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 13, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today said the 8th Infantry Division is exploiting the bishops of the Catholic Church in Samar like chess pieces in Oplan Bayanihan's game of war. "It is reprehensible for 8th ID chief Gen. Mario Chan to exploit the bishops of the Catholic Church, a moral institution, in order to push an immoral, unjust and all-out war through Oplan Bayanihan," said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. "The armed forces chief, Gen. Eduardo Oban, in fact recently openly gloated with Gen. Chan at the 8th ID's manipulation of the Church, local government and other sectors into conjuring the illusion of public support for Oplan Bayanihan. This shows that the Catholic Church and other sectors should be critical and cautious of the military's lust to launch all-out war and junk along the way the Aquino government's peace negotiations with the NDFP."

NPA punishes PHILEX Mining Corp

Andrea Guerrero, Armando Sumayang, Jr. Command,
Southwest Negros Guerilla Front, NPA-Negros Island
July 10, 2011

The New People's Army-Southwest Front implemented the demand of the people to punish the giant Philex Gold Mining Corp/Bulawan Mining Corp because of the damages it created against the lives, livelihood, health and environment of the people. The punishment-operation was aided by the masses and allies.

It is on record that PHILEX Mining Corp has committed crimes against the people of Sipalay City and Hinobaan because of its intentional dumping of toxic wastes in Mantuboy Creek, Bacuyangan River and the Sipalay River that resulted to fishkill in the shorelines of Sipalay City, lost of water source for irrigation of the peasants of Sipalay and Hinobaan that resulted to decrease or losses in production.