Release from the clutches of an abominable and unjust judicial system is an act of revolutionary justice; custodial investigation of the four GPH arme

Rigoberto F. Sanchez
Merardo Arce Command, NPA-Southern Mindanao
30 July 2011

The release of Dennis Rodenas from the clutches of the fundamentally unjust and anti-people Philippine judicial system is an act of revolutionary justice.

He was illegally arrested for fabricated criminal acts, detained on the basis of false charges, and wickedly convicted based on viciously unreasonable grounds, chief among them are the pieces of evidence planted by the 1st Infantry Division of the Philippine Army-Armed Forces of the Philippines and abetted by the Philippine National Police and their Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) appendage.

Unite against the US-Aquino regime!

Ang Bayan [UPDATED]
21 July 2011
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The Filipino people have gained nothing but more suffering, more grinding poverty and more oppression after a year under the increasingly repressive US-Aquino regime. They bear the brunt of an ever worsening crisis because Aquino treads the same antipeople and pro-imperialist path taken by the previous regimes.

The people were quickly disappointed with the Aquino regime's lack of resolve to prosecute, try and punish Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts for plunder and fascist crimes. There is no difference between Gloria-style cronyism and the many questionable appointments and anomalous transactions entered into by the Aquino regime with the so-called "Kamag-anak, Kaklase, Kaibigan at Kabarilan Inc." (relatives, classmates, friends and shooting buddies).

Aquino's SONA deceptions reinforce people's loss of hope in ruling system

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)
July 27, 2011

Benigno Aquino III attempted to paint a picture of hope by churning out half-truths while completely ignoring the fundamental and most pressing issues of the people in his state of the nation address (SONA) last Monday. He succeeded only in further discrediting his increasingly isolated regime and reinforcing the Filipino people's lack of trust and loss of hope in the ruling reactionary ststem.

Aquino employed old and worn-out tactics of political deception to create the illusion of progress and change. However, such claims failed to strike a chord among the people who daily are confronted with spiralling prices of oil products, food and other basic commodities, widespread unemployment, low wages, deteriorating health and education services, worsening housing conditions, disease, environmental destruction and other social and economic problems.

State of the Ilocos-Cordillera Region: Amidst Intense Hardship in the Ilocos-Cordillera Region, the People’s Struggle Advances

Simon “Ka Filiw” Naogsan
Cordillera People's Democratic Front
25 July 2011

A YEAR after the US-Aquino2 regime took power, the miserable situation in the Ilocos-Cordillera region mirrors the dismal state of the nation. From the impoverished tobacco and palay farmers in the Ilocos provinces to the indigenous people plowing hybrid corn fields, vegetable gardens and rice terraces in the Cordillera, the empty promises of the Aquino regime are reflected in the continuing violations and betrayal of the people’s right to land, livelihood and resources.

The real boss of the Aquino administration turns out to be not the Filipino people, but US Imperialism as it furiously expands its economic interests as well as large scale corporate mines and geothermal and hydroelectric power projects in Northern Luzon and rams down the nation’s throat its Oplan Bayanihan (OPB), the so-called internal peace and security plan. It is these that exacerbate and continue to heighten the national oppression that reached ethnocidal proportion being suffered by indigenous people of the Cordillera and the Filipino people in general.

PNoy worse than his predecessors; his SONA portends of darker times in the next five years

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
July 26, 2011

As expected, PNoys second SONA veered away from dealing with the basic problems of the country and providing for long term solutions, dazzling the Filipino people with a litany of petty, if not highly questionable, achievements.

Ang tunay kalagayan ng bayan

David Magtanggol
Christians for National Liberation - Southern Tagalog
July 24, 2011


Sa darating Hulyo 25 ay muling haharap sa Bayan si Pangulong Benigno Simeon Cojuanco-Aquino III upang ilahad sa ikalawang pagkakataon ang Kalagayan ng Bayan sa ilalim ng kanyang pamumuno. Pinaniwala ni G. Aquino na ang kanyang pamahalaan ay kabaligtaran ng kinamumuhiang Rehimeng US-Arroyo sa pamamagitan ng pagtatambol ng katangian ng kanyang Pamahalaan sa islogang "MATUWID NA DAAN." Paulit-ulit niyang binabanggit sa kanyang mga talumpati ang pagbanat sa dating Rehimeng Arroyo sa mga kaso ng katiwalian, paglabag sa karapatang pantao, maluhong pamumuhay, paggamit sa poder ng kapangyarihan para sa kapakanan ng pamilya nito at mga kaalyado at kapanalig sa pulitika. Tinagurian niyang "Likong Daan" ang Pamahalaang Arroyo simula pa noong panahon ng kampanya hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Ito ay upang paulit-ulit na hanapan at singilin ng Sambayanang Pilipino si Arroyo sa kanyang mga krimen at atraso sa mga mamamayan lalu na sa usapin ng korupsyon at paglabag sa karapatang pantao. Mula sa kanyang inaugural speech noong Hunyo 30 at ng kanyang unang talumpati sa SONA noong Hulyo 2010, sa pananaw ng Sambayanang Pilipino, ang tanging naging tagumpay ni Aquino ay ang paninisi sa pinalitan niyang rehimen ngunit hindi ang pagtupad kahit bahagya man lamang sa kanyang mga pangako noong kampanya, inagurasyon at unang SONA.

Nature shook the earth to drive away destructive mining

Andrea Guerrero
July 25, 2011

Nature is furious because of the exploitation of the big foreign capitalists, bourgeois compradors and bureaucrat capitalists. It’s high time to drive away these giant mines from our lands, mountains and seas.

This is the message that Nature wants to convey in the series of earthquakes especially in the 6th District wherein Sipalay was the hardest hit.

Pahayag ng RCTU-Southern Tagalog para sa SONA 2011: Rebolusyonaryong pagbabago ang hangad ng sambayanan

Fortunato Magtanggol
Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions (Southern Tagalog)
Hulyo 24, 2011

Sa isang lipunang malakolonyal at malapyudal na batbat ng kronikong krisis tulad ng Pilipinas, walang makabuluhang pagbabagong tinatamasa ang malawak na sambayanan. Kung kaya, karaniwan nang paglulubid ng kasinungalingan ang inaasahan sa mga ulat sa bayan ng pangulo tulad ng magaganap sa darating na State of the Nation Address (SONA) ni Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino.

The Filipino people sympathize with the Norwegian people

Communist Party of the Philippines
July 24, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) wishes to extend its deepest sympathies to the relatives and friends of over 90 people killed in the double terror attacks yesterday in Oslo and at a youth camp in the Norweigian island of Utoeya. The CPP and the Filipino people condemn these dastardly acts in the strongest terms possible.

Aquino's Second SONA Once Again a Fanfare Full of Lies and Empty Promises

The Filipino People, not Aquino, Have the Right and Ascendency to Address and Testify the True State of the Nation

Patnubay De Guia
NDF-Southern Tagalog
July 24, 2011

On July 25, it is predictable that Aquino will go down a storm at the halls of congress. Enthusiastically, his minions and allies will pose as proud and satisfied; the podium on which he stands and his lies shall project him as noble and magnanimous. On July 25, it is predictable that once again Aquino will lie his way into his second State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Aquino is bound to be swept away by the Filipino people in coming years

Communist Party of the Philippines
June 29, 2011

As the Aquino regime marks its first year in power, the Filipino people notch another year of continuing hardship, worsening poverty and intensifying oppression under an increasingly repressive regime. They are confronted by a deepening crisis brought about by the Aquino regime's pursuit of the same antipeople and pro-imperialist policies of the past puppet regimes.

US-Aquino Regime's First Year shows it is worse than its predecessors

Jorge "Ka Oris Madlos"
NDF - Mindanao
July 24, 2011

The promises PNoy made when he assumed the presidency have been proven mere rhetoric. He is nowhere clearing the government of corruption, defeating poverty, upholding human rights and achieving genuine peace and development. He is no different from all preceding puppet reactionary presidents.

The national economy continue to deteriorate. The first year saw the reactionary government in a mad scramble fast-tracking the sell-out of the country’s human and natural resources, privatizing public assets faster than his predecessors.