Achieve great victories in 2012

Editorial, ANG BAYAN
7 Jan 2012

PDF available in Pilipino
The continually worsening crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system under the US-Aquino regime and the social and national oppression, exploitation and suffering of the Filipino people are pushing them towards the path of revolutionary resistance. This year, let us set our sights on the big struggles that confront the people. Let us achieve great advances and victories in mass struggles and the armed revolution.

Let us forge the people's broad unity against the US-Aquino regime and its pro-imperialist and antipeople measures and policies.

The Filipino people must be ready for big struggles against new tax burdens, higher electricity and water rates and gasoline prices, among others. Workers and urban poor will face huge battles against demolitions. The masses of workers must intensify their struggles against mass layoffs and for higher wages. They must step up their struggle for national industrialization and fight for policies that will develop the factors of the local economy.

We must generate widespread and intense struggles of the peasant masses for land reform nationwide. Let us set the vast countryside ablaze with antifeudal, anti-imperialist and antifascist struggles. Let us advance the minimum program of land reform and implement the maximum program of land didtribution wherever possible. We must forge the people's broad unity in support of the antifeudal struggles in the countryside.

The minority peoples must stand in unity with the entire people to defend their ancestral lands and intensify their struggle against land grabbing and plunder perpetrated by foreign mining and logging companies and gigantic plantations.

Let us expose Aquino's grandiose lie regarding his so-called “road to righteousness” and the deceptions he has been foisting on the people. Let us expose the real state of the people, the widespread poverty and unemployment, the low wages, the skyrocketing prices of gasoline, food, services and other basic needs.

Let us go allout in exposing and resisting bureaucrat capitalism under the US-Aquino regime, especially its use of state power to favor big businessman-friends of Aquino and their foreign corporate cohorts. Expose the corruption behind the drafting of new contracts favoring Aquino's friends and relatives.

Let us prepare to struggle against growing US military intervention. Let us demand an end to unequal military treaties. Let us assail the docking of nuclear-capable US warships in Philippine ports. Let us make US imperialism pay for the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos killed in its conquest of the Philippines, the clandestine stationing of nuclear weapons in the country and its many other crimes it has been committing against the Filipino people for more than a century.

The people must fire up their courage in order to thoroughly resist Oplan Bayanihan, the brutalities and terrorism perpetrated by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) this year and in the future. Let us raise the people's consciousness about their human rights and international humanitarian law which protect the welfare of civilians in times of war. Let us propagate the study of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) among mass organizations, especially in the countryside.

Because the AFP stresses its so-called civil-military operations, we must prepare the people's minds and determination to fight for their rights in the face of the soldiers' establishment of encampments in civilian communities, especially beside schools and in village centers, the harassment, curfews, illegal searches and arrests, abductions and killings. The people must stand in unison against the AFP's terrorism.

Let us forge the people's broad unity against the US-Aquino regime's “cha-cha” plans. This scheme to amend the 1987 reactionary constitution is aimed at completely ceding to foreign interests the Philippines' economic sovereignty and patrimony. This is one of the biggest measures that Aquino and his ilk would like to take, in accordance with the commands of their imperialist masters. This is also one of the biggest battles confronting the Filipino people now and in the years to come. Let us forge the people's patriotic unity against the “cha-cha” scheme.

Two years after the Party Central Committee issued the call to advance the people's war towards the strategic stalemate, the New People's Army and the revolutionary forces are in a position to achieve great strides this year. Let us attain the goal of recruiting NPA Red fighters and seizing weapons in numbers bigger than ever before.

Because of continuingly vigorous antifeudal struggles, more and more peasants, especially among the youth in the countryside are joining the NPA. Let us form, train and mobilize people's militia units in their numbers. The expansion and advance of people's war in the coming years will be marked by the launching of tactical offensives extensively by the people's militia acting on its own initiative or under the NPA's command, and the active participation of the masses in the armed revolution.

The cry of people's war reverberates up to the cities. Let us urge the thousands of communists and activists among the youth, workers and other sectors in the cities to join the NPA or be of service to the antifeudal movement in the countryside.

The Red fighters and all NPA units and commands are determinedly gaining strength and raising their capability to launch more and bigger tactical offensives this year. Let us not give AFP units entering guerrilla zones the opportunity to rest. Let us not allow them to wreak havoc or give them leave to commit atrocities and terrorize the people. The NPA must seize all opportunities to mete blows on AFP units. Let us coordinate the conduct of tactical offensives in every area within the guerrilla fronts. Tactical offensives coordinated at the inter-front to inter-regional level must be launched. Let us shake the foundations of the US-Aquino regime with ever bigger tactical offensives, and with body and head blows on its fascist machinery.

Let us commemorate the 20th year of launching the Second Great Rectification Movement (SGRM) this year by consummately studying and propagating Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the history and the basic principles of our Party and its struggle against modern revisionism.

Let us propagate the study of Marxist-Leninist analysis of the roots of the capitalist crisis and the ruling semicolonial and semifeudal system in the Philippines. Let us expose and struggle against deceptive anti-communist, modern revisionist, counterrevolutionary, pro-imperialist and petty bourgeois reformist thinking that steer the people away from the path of revolutionary struggle. Let us reaffirm our analysis on the need to advance the people's democratic revolution in order to put an end to the oppression and exploitation of the Filipino people and create the conditions for socialist revolution and the nation's progress.

Let us strengthejn our Party ideologically, politically and organizationally. There is utmost need for a Party that is strong at all levels and in every arena in order to lead and serve as the invincible core of mass struggles, tactical offensives, strengthening the mass organizations, advancing agrarian revolution, setting up the people's government and other revolutionary tasks.

Let us thoroughly take on all the tasks need to advance the people's war. The major victories that we will be achieving will jumpstart our efforts to bring the people's war to a new and higher level in the near future.