Ang Bayan
January 7, 2012
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Units of the New People's Army (NPA) in Northeastern Mindanao Region (NEMR) and Cagayan Valley launched five tactical offensives on January 3 and in the month of December, seizing 15 firearms, including a light machine gun. The enemy suffered 11 casualties (six dead and five wounded).

*January 3.* Red fighters from Front 21 of the Pulang Diwata Command (NPA-NEMR) raided the patrol base of the Philippine Army 23rd IB and the Civilian Armed Auxiliary in Barangay San Antonio, Remedios T. Trinidad town in Agusan del Norte at 4 a.m. A paramilitary element and a soldier from the 23rd IB Echo Company were killed in the firefight. The Red fighters seized an M14 and razed the detachment. A Red fighter was martyred.

In a statement, the National Democratic Front-NEMR apologized to the civilians wounded in the crossfire during the raid and promised to shoulder all their medical expenses.
December 16. Red fighters attacked a Community Organizing for Peace and Development (COPD) team under the 36th IB, killing five soldiers and wounded two others.

The nine-man COPD team was staying at the Mabuhay barangay hall in Tandag City, Surigao del Sur when they were attacked by the Red fighters at around 5:30 a.m. The NPA seized nine high-powered weapons—five M14 rifles with 37 magazines and 500 rounds; two M16 rifles with 20 magazines and 400 rounds; an M203 grenade launcher with 12 grenades; a K3 light machine gun with 300 rounds; and a cal .45 pistol.

Also seized were six backpacks full of marijuana leaves.

The COPD team had been encamped at the barangay since September. The soldiers maintained their position and continued their military operations despite a unilateral ceasefire declared by the Aquino government. Local residents have long been complaining about the COPD team's many human rights violations in their barangay.

*December 15.* Red fighters raided the provincial jail in Lianga, Surigao del Sur without firing a single shot, seizing an AK-47 rifle, a shotgun, three pistols and rounds of ammunition.

On the same day, in Cagayan Valley, Red fighters under the Reynaldo PiƱon Command ambushed a 40-man troop under the 51st Division Reconnaissance Company (DRC) of the 5th Infantry Division.The ambush was conducted at exactly 3:30 p.m. in Barangay San Jose, San Mariano, Isabela. Two soldiers were wounded in the gunbattle.

The troopers were engaged in combat operations when they were ambushed by the Red fighters.

*December 11.* Guerrillas under the Danilo Ben Command opened fire at the 77th IB-CAFGU detachment in Barangay Gagabutan, Rizal, Cagayan. The military troopers detailed at the camp have long been the subject of complaints by the village masses because they indiscriminately fire their weapons, engage in drunken binges and gambling and steal the barriofolks' chickens. The CAFGU elements at the detachment also join military operations of the 17th IB.