Chief Justice Corona on trial

21 January 2012

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Chief Justice Renato Corona’s trial at the Senate began on January 16.

The Filipino people have been focused on this trial because they consider it a part of the overall effort to hold Gloria Arroyo accountable for her crimes against the people. Arroyo raced to have Corona appointed as chief justice of the Supreme Court to ensure that things will go favorably for her in her time of need.

The congressman-prosecutors have begun to look into allegations on Corona’s ill-gotten wealth. They said Corona has 45 pieces of property worth more than P200 million held in his wife and close relatives’ names, and which he failed to declare in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN). As the trial runs, the prosecutors are also expected to demonstrate how Corona’s decisions favored Arroyo.

The internal bickerings and range of political interests within the Supreme Court are becoming more and more public as the trial progresses. The justices and their patrons have been scrambling to have themselves appointed to the powerful post in place of Corona.

Long before the trial began, the two camps had already been at each other’s throats. Corona has openly said that the real reason behind his impeachment is Aquino’s hurry to have him replaced as chief justice.

On the other hand, the Aquino regime’s allies in the Lower House have been unstoppable in exposing Corona and his family’s corruption and the other skeletons in their closets. Aside from extensive real estate properties, Corona is said to have large amounts deposited in several bank accounts.

Malacañang has also been quick to exploit a World Bank report complaining about how the Supreme Court has used a loan it extended in 2003 for purposes other than judicial reforms.

As far as the democratic organizations and the Filipino people are concerned, a major strumbling block to having Arroyo and her lackeys tried for their crimes will be removed should Corona be found guilty.