Gen. Mario Chan is a liar!

21 January 2012

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The Efren Martirez Command (NPA-Eastern Visayas) belied claims by 8th ID chief Gen. Mario Chan that the revolutionary movement has been wiped out in Leyte. In fact, said Ka Karlos Manuel, the NPA command’s spokesperson, 500 peasant, women and youth activists were added to the ranks of NPA supporters in Leyte last December. The NPA has also been able to operate in more villages despite the intensification of Oplan Bayanihan in the island.

Leyte residents have been able to see through the military’s pretense and attempts at bribery. They generally ignore meetings or sports events sponsored by the military, even if the soldiers serve lechon (roasted pig) to entice them.

The NPA also belied accusations by General Chan that Red guerrillas were sowing terror in Matuguinao town in Samar province. The NPA was allegedly responsible for the suspension of classes in five elementary schools in the area and bullying the town’s local officials. In fact, classes were suspended in the schools because of the terror wrought by the 14th IB’s intense military operations. The military deployed the entire 14th IB in Matuguinao, a town of only 5,000 residents.

Meanwhile, the Efren Martirez Command also condemned the military’s violations of its own ceasefire called from December 15, 2011 to January 2, 2012. On December 20, the 34th IB continued its operations, thus providing the NPA the opportunity to ambush it in Las Navas, Northern Samar. The ambush was a punitive measure for the 34th IB’s many human rights violaions and failure to comply with its own ceasefire.

On the other hand, the 14th IB launched repeated operations in the villages of Lincoro, Cabugao, Buenavista, Matalud and Gaondato, all in San Jorge, Samar from December 16, 2011 to the month of January. The troopers mingled with the barriofolk, slept in the masses’ houses and positioned themselves in the barangay halls, terrorizing civilians. They also used the civilians as human shields against NPA attacks much-dreaded by the soldiers.