Victories in 2011

Ang Bayan
January 7, 2012
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The entire Party and all revolutionary forces celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on December 26. The CPP hailed the many victories achieved in the previous year as the Filipino people endeavored to advance their people's war to the new stage of strategic stalemate. Following are initial reports from a number of regions issued on the occasion of the recent anniversary.

In Mindanao. National Democratic Front-Mindanao spokesperson Jorge “Ka Oris” Madlos joyfullly shared reports on the advances made last year by the revolutionary movement in the island. The New People's Army (NPA) was able to launch 350 tactical offensives in Mindanao and undertake agrarian revolution over wide areas. The number of Red fighters and their firepower rose by 15%. Party membership grew by as much as 30% while the number of mass organizations expanded by 20%.

On the other hand, the NDF-Mindanao expressed sympathy with the families and friends of those who lost their lives as a result of typhoon Sendong. The island-wide revolutionary alliance promised to do all it could to punish the destructive foreign companies and violators of the policies and laws of the revolutionary government on environmental protection and against the plunder of the country's natural resources in order to attain justice for the victims. (see related article)

In Cagayan Valley. Party membership enjoyed a 50% growth last year. There was also an increase in the number of Party branches and Party groups within mass organizations. Party committees at various levels grew stronger, with section committees playing bigger roles in various activities. Although the enemy was able to strike against part of one of the region's guerrilla fronts, it was also this front that registered a marked increase in the number of cadres and notable advances in various areas of revolutionary work. Party committees, cadres and members were consolidated through their studies of basic and special courses. Propaganda work grew vibrant with the regular publication of the regional mass newspaper and the issuance of press statement on burning issues.

Also among the region's significant gains is the resurgence of antifeudal struggles such as campaigns to reduce interest rates on loans. The region likewise has a strong campaign against foreign mining activities. The seizure of farmers' lands by merchants, usurers and other land grabbers has also been thwarted. Several coordinated mass movements at the municipal and provincial levels were launched. New organizations were set up and the number of activists and organized masses expanded.

In the field of armed struggle, the number of Red fighters and people's militia grew and their areas of operation widened to include a number of highly populated places. The NPA was also able to undertake punitive operations against rabidly notorious enemy elements and despotic big businessmen.

In Rizal. A celebration of the 43rd Party anniversary was held on December 26 in this Southern Tagalog province adjacent to Metro Manila despite military operations by the AFP and PNP. A selected audience of some 200 people joined the Party celebration. The Southern Tagalog chapters of the Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions (RCTU) and the Makabayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA) sent greetings to the CPP.

In Panay. The regional Party organization was able to raise the level of its ideological, political and organizational work. It established the necessary machinery and systems to quickly consolidate the membership of the Party, the people's army and mass organizations. The number of Red fighters grew by 20% and the people's militia by 18%. The NPA launched 28 tactical offensives, including the notable ambushes in Capiz and Antique that caused disruptions in the enemy's concentration.

The region saw a continually energized protest movement, with students launching a series of protest walkouts, drivers conducting a two-day island-wide transport strike joined by up to 10,000 vehicles and Tumanduk minorities holding a caravan to fight for their ancestral lands and oppose militarization.

Progressive media leaders also assailed the military for launching a smear campaign against them and putting women and children in harm's way through their so-called peace and development teams and rolling stations.

In Ilocos-Cordillera. The NPA was able to launch victorious tactical offensives especially at the onset of Oplan Bayanihan. On the overall, the Red fighters were able to kill 58 military troopers and wound 22 others in these gunbattles, and seize 11 firearms. On the other hand, AFP military operations dealt severe blows on the provinces of Abra and Ilocos Sur, brutally killing several Red fighters and desecrating their bodies. Nonetheless, the masses and comrades have overcome these AFP onslaughts and strongly condemned the enemy for violating the rules of war.

Mass struggles against the seizure of ancestral lands by destructive mining, megadam and geothermal plant projects gained momentum throughout the region, along with mass campaigns against militarization.