NDFP consultant in the Visayas illegally transferred to another prison

7 February 2012

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The AFP has arbitrarily transferred a consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to a military prison. Ramon Patriarca, one of 13 consultants currently incarcerated in various prisons of the Government of the Philippines, was transferred without benefit of a court order.

Patriarca had just come from a hearing on January 25 when he was suddenly brought to Camp Lapu-Lapu, the base of the AFP Visayas Central Command in Cebu City. The transfer was done without prior notice to either Patriarca or his lawyer. He had been previously detained at the Danao City Jail.

Patriarca was arrested by elements of the 78th IB on February 5, 2009 and brought to Camp Lapu-Lapu where he was tortured and held incommunicado for days. His family, lawyer and supporters were later able to secure his transfer to a regular detention facility.

The military claimed that Patriarca was brought back to Camp Lapu-Lapu because he was inciting other detainees at the Danao City Jail to rebel and because the NPA was allegedly planning to break hm out of prison. He is currently being held incommunicado and guarded by 12 SWAT elements.

Patriarca has gone on hunger strike to protest his arbitrary transfer.