NPA metes punishment on PAF in Batangas

7 February 2012

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Red fighters of the New People's Army (NPA) launched two successive attacks on elements of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) on January 25 and 28 to punish them for serving as goons of big landlords and comprador bourgeoisie like Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco and the Zobel family.

Ka Apolinario Matienza, spokesperson of the Eduardo Dagli Command (NPA-Batangas) reported that at 9 p.m. of January 25, an NPA unit threw a grenade at the camp of the 732nd Combat Squadron in Barangay Biga, Calatagan town, destroying the fascists' hut and wounding a number of soldiers. Another grenade was thrown at a squad-size detachment under the same military unit in Barangay Matabungkay, Lian town on January 26, at around 11 p.m., killing a soldier and wounding an undetermined number of troopers.

Calatagan residents deeply loathe the fascist PAF soldiers because they serve as thugs of the Cojuangco and Zobel families. The Zobels practically own all of Calatagan town. Due to their influence on the reactionary government, the Zobels were able to have 2,000 hectares along the Calatagan coast titled. The people resisted and fought this all the way to the Supreme Court--then under Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee--which issued a decision in favor of the residents. Nonetheless, by the time the court had issued its verdict, the Zobels had already sold the land to a private company.

On the other hand, residents of Lian town are complaining about the extortion activities of the 732nd Combat Squadron victimizing resorts and fisherfolk. The fascists are also in the habit of indiscriminately firing their weapons, terrorizing residents and resort owners.

Meanwhile, plans are underway to construct a cement factory to process limestone to be mined from Calatagan's mountains, where the mineral abounds. The Cojuangco-owned Asturias Mining has expressed interest in the project. Cojuangco is an uncle of Benigno Aquino III.

Mining activities are set to begin in Barangays Baha and Talibayog and will cover six other adjacent villages. The people are opposed to the mine because its operations will be a source of pollution and cause the denudation of their forested uplands which will result in floods and the destruction of their homes.

Raid in Northern Samar. A bodyguard of Mayor Romualdo Menzon was killed when he fought it out with Red fighters of the NPA Rodante Urtal Command on January 20. The NPA had planned on disarming the abusive private army of the Lapinig, Northern Samar mayor but his bodyguards had fled even before the Red fighters arrived aboard a dump truck in Barangay Poblacion del Sur. The NPA then proceeded to the police station located in front of the town plaza but the five police personnel on duty, including the police chief ran towards the direction of Barangay Imelda after a brief firefight.

The NPA attack belies claims by 803rd Bde chief Col. Oscar Lopez and 8th ID chief Maj. Gen. Mario Chan that the military has completely wiped out the revolutionary movement in the area, said Ka Karlos Manuel, spokesperson of the Efren Martires Command (NPA-Eastern Visayas).