Resist US military intervention and Aquino's puppetry

Ang Bayan Editorial
February 7, 2012

The recently concluded Strategic Defense Dialogue (SDD) held January 26-28 in Washington D.C. signals the intensification of US military intervention in the Philippines and the entire Asia-Pacific. It also marks the heightened use of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) by the US to pursue its objective of suppressing China and becoming the dominant power in the Asia-Pacific region. Simultaneously, it aims for tighter control over Philippine economic and political affairs.

The Philippines has long been serving as one big US military base, where American troops are free to enter and leave any part of the country. For the past 15 years or so, the 600-strong Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines has been permanently stationed in an exclusive area within Camp Navarro in Zamboanga City. These American troops have long been involved in surveillance and civil-military operations and providing combat and logistical support to AFP counter-guerrilla military operations.

US military intervention and hegemony over the Philippines are to be stepped up even further under the Aquino regime. Benigno Aquino III is proving himself to be a most obedient puppet of US imperialism.

Aquino plays to the hilt his US-assigned role in the media psywar offensive to portray China as a bully that is out to grab Philippine territory. The media portrayal is meant to justify US military presence ostensibly to strengthen Philippine defenses.

In reality, the US is using the Philippines as a launching pad for its operations in the South China Sea, a major trade route it wants to control. The two vintage warships sold by the US to the AFP are being used in support of the US' anti-China objectives.

US warships have also been conducting more frequent patrols and docking more often in the Philippines. Aside from the Philippines, the US maintains military bases, treaties or arrangements with Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. By maintaining its presence in these countries, the US is able to rapidly deploy its forces anywhere in the Asia-Pacific.

Joint military exercises between the AFP and US troops will also be held more often to make the Philippine puppet government's military priorities hew closer to those of the US. More and more American troops have been given access to the AFP Western Command headquarters as preparations are underway for the this year's Balikatan exercises to be held off the western coast of Palawan.

The Aquino regime does not even bother to make a pretense of defending the nation's sovereignty against US military intervention and hegemony. Its puppetry and treachery to the national interest are without bounds. It has no independent foreign policy to speak of and presumes that Philippine national interest is synonymous to the US' ultranationalist interest of seekng worldwide hegemony. On its master's bidding, the Aquino regime considers the US' enemies as its own. Iy deprives the Filipino peResist US military intervention and Aquino's puppetry
ople of the right and the initiative to forge alliances and friendships based on mutual benefit and interest.

Also in accordance with US-imposed policies, the Aquino regime perpetuates the failed neoliberal economic policies of the last 30 years. It continues to allow foreign big capitalists to lord it over the local economy, depress workers' wages and use the state to guarantee foreign profits and provide tax holidays and other incetives. Big landlords, foreign big mining companies and plantations continue to enjoy a monopoly over land ownership and seize farmers' lands.

It is the toiling masses of peasants and workers, the unemployed, small wage-earners and other ordinary people who continue to bear the brunt of the increasingly onerous effects of liberalization, denationalization, privatization and denationalization and the Aquino regime's failure to implement land reform and national industrialization.

Plans are also affot to complete the economic recolonization of the Philippines through the removal of provisions in the 1987 constitution that advance and protect the national patrimony.

To defend national sovereignty and ensure a progressive and democratic future, the Filipino people are faced with the urgent task of heightening their struggle against US military interventionism and economic domination, and against the puppetry and allout treachery of the Aquino regime.

They must demand an end to unequal agreements with US imperialism such as the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) and the Visiting Forces Agreement. They must oppose the schemes of the Obama and Aquino regimes to use the Philippines as a platform for US provocations against China as well as military buildup and maneuvers in the scheme to contain China. They must oppose the scheduled "joint military exercises" which are aimed at US power projection and building military presence in the South China Sea.

The CPP calls on the New People's Army (NPA) to further intensify the people's war and heighten tactical offensives against the AFP and other state armed groups which are armed by US imperialism and serve to secure US and foreign big capitalist interests in the Philippines.

The NPA must launch bigger and more frequent tactical offensives to punish the Aquino regime for its national treachery and out and out puppetry to the US imperialists.

The CPP also calls on all revolutionary forces to exert all efforts to reach out to the people in their millions in order to rouse their patriotism and urge them to assert their aspirations for national liberation.