Saulo Lumadao Front foils AFP precision attack: Colonel Eliseo Posadas a Big Liar!

Diego Wadagan
Agustin Begnalen Command -NPA-Abra
5 February 2012

A unit of the Saulo Lumadao Front, under the Abra-NPA’s Agustin Begnalen Command, foiled a precision attack by the 52nd Division Reconnaissance Company (DRC). The said AFP unit is an elite attack force of the 5th Infantry Division, under the operational control of the 503rd Brigade. The incident happened on February 3, 2012 at 11:00 am, in Sitio Nagas-asan, Barangay Ududiao, Sallapadan, Abra. Contrary to claims by Col. Eliseo Posadas, Commanding Officer of the 503rd Brigade, no NPA was hurt or killed in the incident.

Through the support of the masses and other elements, the unit is able to gather intelligence and foil the precision attack mounted by the elite 52nd DRC. Sallapadan municipality is under the area of responsibility of the 50th IB, which is currently on training at Fort Magsaysay. On January 30, 2012, a truck of army soldiers arrived at Barangay Subusob. Other troops began their operation from the 41st IB HQ in Baay-Licuan almost at the same time. Reliable information also reached the NPA unit that combat operations in the BuDaBoSa (Bucloc, Daguioman, Boliney, Sallapadan) area will resume on February.

The NPA unit, prior to the firefight, has been conducting education activities, helping the masses with their economic activities and problems, and was receiving reports from the masses about the AFP’s violation of the International Humanitarian Laws (IHL) and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws (CARHRIHL). The masses complained that AFP troops have been stationed in their houses, communities, schools, production areas, and ancestral lands for years, endangering lives, limbs and properties, terrorizing the people, spreading decadence, disturbing peace with drunkenness and public disorder, oppressing women and children, and violating the indigenous culture of the Masadiit Tribe.

The unit’s exposure in the area gave the 503rd Brigade an opportunity to launch a precision attack, evading the masses and moving at night, hoping to strike at the people’s army secretly. But because of timely information earlier gathered, the unit was on alert even as they conducted their daily mass work.

Col. Eliseo Posadas prepared a statement that was to be released after the attack, but was withdrawn and revised. Because their attack was foiled, the Commanding Officer lied to the media and the public. Ricardo Reyes is the name used by the AFP in filing a case against an activist, and now, they claim that the same person is a certain Ka Tubong, the alleged leader of the NPA unit. There is no Ka Ronnie in the NPA unit, and Ka Spike was the earlier alias of an NPA surrenderee murdered in Baay-Licuan 2 years ago, and of Vice Mayor Leo Barona of Lacub when he was still with the NPA decades ago, prior to his being a rabid supporter of large scale mining in the province.

One of the bodies desecrated by the 503rd Brigade in Tineg, Abra last October 10, 2011 was that of Miguel “Ka Oxy” Anggaboy of Mabaca, Balbalan, Kalinga. He is not Loverito Bernal of Lacub, as claimed or known by the AFP.

The easiest way to claim victory is to say, “Bodies of the slain rebels were carried by their retreating comrades.” Ask anybody who hiked in mountain trails how heavy it is to carry a bag full of clothes, and one can easily see through the lies of Col. Posadas, who claims to have killed 3 NPAs, wounded another, and possibly killing 2 more; all the bodies and the injured have been carried “in their shoulders”! And all these, while being pursued by the attacking troops of the AFP…. Only in the movies, Col. Posadas.

Intelligence has always been an irony in the AFP. Or are their officers just plain and simple liars? Or both?