Afghan-like massacres bound to occur in Philippines with US smart-bombs and drone-guided operations--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
March 23, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) warned that massacres of civilians like that which recently occurred in Afghanistan are bound to happen in the Philippines now that the Aquino regime has shamelessly endorsed operations of the US military to fly surveillance drones in Philippine airspace and use so-called precise intelligence information provided by American military advisers.

"US airborne and satellite surveillance are never precise nor smart, often providing its bomb-dropping drones and ground troops with incorrect information, leading to civilian massacres," said the CPP. "It has repeatedly been proven in Afghanistan and Pakistan that guided with what the US boasts of as precise information, American smart bombs and operating troops have killed hundreds of civilians. The carnage is then subsequently covered up in the imperialist media as successful operations against so-called militants and terrorists."

Nearly 550 civilians, including 60 minors, have been killed as a result of drone strikes along the Afghan-Pakistani border since 2009, said the CPP, citing studies by the UK-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The US government claims that not a single non-combatant has been killed in these attacks.

Last March 8, 16 civilians were massacred in Kandahar, Afghanistan in a pre-dawn attack perpetrated by a platoon of American soldiers flown in by helicopter. These American soldiers raided a house and indiscriminately fired upon the sleeping residents and later burned their bodies. Faced with worldwide condemnation, US president Barrack Obama has apologized but claimed that the killing was perpetrated by a lone mentally deranged American soldier.

"The Filipino people must not allow the US and the Aquino regime to perpetrate, promote or create conditions for such Afghan-like civilian massacres in the Philippines," said the CPP. The US has long considered the Philippines as its "second-front" in the so-called "war against terror."

"After more than 10 years of waging and threatening wars of occupation and aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iran and North Korea, it has become clear that the US' so-called 'war against terror' is nothing but a thinly veiled campaign to strengthen its neocolonial foothold on the country," said the CPP.

"The CPP joins the Filipino people in vigorously denouncing the Aquino regime for giving the United States government all-out freedom to fly its surveillance drones in Philippine airspace, dock their nuclear-powered warships in Philippine ports, permanently station American soldiers in Zamboanga and further provide military facilities for the US' so-called rotational troops. The Filipino people's revolutionary forces are determined to oppose and defeat this multi-front military intervention that goes against their aspirations and struggle for national freedom and independence."

In an interview the other day, Aquino also confirmed that American military advisers have long been working in the Philippines. "It is these American military advisers who are behind the so-called counter-insurgency plans of the AFP, particularly, the Aquino regime's Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression, which makes much noise about 'human rights' and 'peace and development' only to conceal the brutal military campaigns, especially against entire communities."

The CPP condemned Aquino's position that allowing the US to operate surveillance drones as opposed to bomb-dropping drones in the Philippines does not violate the Philippine constitution. Aquino claims that this does not constitute involvement in military operations.

Addressing Aquino, the CPP said: "Do not take the Filipino people for stupid fools who will fall for your outright lies. Any elementary student of military science and tactics knows that surveillance operations are part of and are, in fact, a crucial element, in any kind of military operation."

The CPP pointed out that the US has long been operating surveillance drones in different parts of the Philippines, citing sightings from Ilocos, to Bicol to Northern Mindanao. "The US has been flying surveillance drones in coordination with the counter-guerrilla operations of the reactionary armed forces."

A recent report by the Associated Press cited that so-called "smart bombs" supplied by the US were used in the February 2 bombing operations in the town of Parang, Jolo. In a statement last February 5, the CPP called for an independent investigation "to look into the involvement of American military forces in the planning, provision of intelligence and surveillance information, actual execution and logistical support to the military operation leading to the air raids." The CPP expressed doubts as to the veracity of the claims of the AFP that the air raids killed "key terrorist leaders." Later reports indicating that the intended targets are still alive and have been sighted in other countries further raise the possibility that the actual casualties may have been civilians.

"Aquino is shamelessly carrying out a mendicant foreign policy, giving in to all US whims, in exchange for a few second-hand military hardware and an approving nod from his imperialist master," said the CPP. "It is allowing the US to use the Philippines as a pawn in its hegemonic schemes to establish its military power in the Asia-Pacific and contain the growth of China as an economic and military power."

"Behind the Filipino people's back, officials of the Aquino regime have been negotiating with the US government for the provision of military facilities to accomodate American 'rotational troops', warships and aircraft in exchange for a number of jet fighters and other excess US military hardware," said the CPP.

"The Filipino people must exert great patriotic energy to oppose the outright subservience of the Aquino regime to US military and economic dictates and complete surrender of Philippine sovereignty to his imperialist masters," said the CPP.