Aquino regime's adamance will be confronted with bigger protests-CPP

Information Bureau, CPP
March 16, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) hailed the nationwide protest actions against oil price increases carried out yesterday by mass organizations and alliances even as it called for bigger and broader mass actions to confront the Aquino regime's stubborn refusal to heed the people's demands to put a stop to the incessant price increases by the oil cartel.

The CPP said the protest actions which were carried out across Metro Manila and scores of other cities nationwide indicate the widespread opposition to oil price increases and the growing restiveness of the Filipino people. "More and more Filipinos are now being roused to take action. They clamor for an end to the oil deregulation law which has allowed the oil cartel free rein to oppress the Filipino people with non-stop increases in oil prices."

The CPP denounced "the repressive measures employed by the Aquino regime in a desperate attempt to suppress yesterday's protests actions. It downplayed the success of the mass actions in order to justify its continuing subservience to the profit-hungry oil companies."

"The continuing sharp increases in oil prices will definitely spark bigger and more intense mass protests in the coming weeks and months," said the CPP. "Various forms of protest actions are bound to continue flaring up in schools, urban poor communities, factories and offices."

"The Aquino regime will ultimately eat its own contemptuous words in the face of the fast emerging wave of protest actions against the continuous increases in oil prices and against the dominance and control of foreign oil monopoly companies of the entire local and international oil industry," added the CPP.