Fisherfolk fight abusive Maritime Police

7 March 2012
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An abusive element of the Maritime Police was killed after he was shot by a civilian he was harrassing in Barangay Liminangcong, Taytay, Palawan on January 27.

SPO2 Jomar Manili and a certain Corpuz were together and both armed with M16 rifles and pistols when they accosted a group of fishermen coming from the pier. The Maritime Police tried to "arrest" the four fishermen. But one of them was able to shoot the policemen, killing Manili.

Corpuz was able to kill Nonoy Castillo, one of the four fishermen that the Maritime Police had tried to victimize.

The four civilians were able to seize an M16, a 9 mm pistol, ammunition, a telescope and other military equipment from the two abusive Martime Police elements. They gave the weapons and other military equipment to the New People's Army.

The Maritime Police forces are based in Barangay Liminangcong and are deeply despised by the townsfolk because of their abusive behavior towards civilians. Castillo's wife plans to file murder charges against the abusive Maritime Police.