Rouse the people in their millions for the armed revolution

21 March 2012

PDF available in Pilipino
The Filipino people eagerly await the 43rd anniversary of the New People's Army (NPA) on March 29. Amid the darkness of widespread hunger and poverty, exploitation and oppression, the NPA and the armed revolution are beacons of hope leading to a future where freedom, progress and justice abide.

The US-Aquino regime's much-vaunted “road of righteousness” is nothing but an empty slogan leading to an ever wider chasm between the ruling classes and the oppressed, to intensified exploitation and more intense suffering and poverty for the people.

Under Aquino, the policies of liberalization, deregulation, privatization and denationalization have condemned the Philippine semicolonial and semifeudal system to a crisis unprecedented in severity in more than half a century. Landgrabbing is rampant. Unemployment is rife. Wages are pegged at extremely low levels. Oil and food prices and the cost of basic services are on a continually upward spiral. Social service budgets are suffering cutbacks. And oppressively higher taxes are being imposed.

The US-Aquino regime turns a blind eye to the abject conditions of the Filipino people. On the other hand, it is completely subservient to US imperialism and is beside itself advancing the interests of big foreign companies. It gives oil giants free rein to raise prices, and big mining companies and plantations the libertyto seize land and plunder the country's resources.

Aquino continues to turn a deaf ear to cries for a living wage. He entices big foreign capitalists to invest in the country and take advantage of its cheap and docile labor force. The Aquino regime has made a campaign of driving out the urban poor from their homes to give way to infrastructure projects for Aquino's big bourgeois comprador friends. He wields the full force of the police , the military and paramilitary groups to suppress the people's democratic movement.

The Filipino people are at the deepest end of their suffering in the face of the poverty wrought by the policies being foisted by the US-Aquino regime. They have risen up through mass struggles and protest actions to air their collective opposition to the laws and policies enforced by the Aquino government. Their seething anger is akin to a volcano ready to erupt and spew forth a powerful force that will put an end to the exploitative and oppressive system.

Conditions are exceedingly favorable for advancing the armed revolution in the Philippines in a major way. It is the duty of the members and cadres of the Party and all revolutionary forces to seize all opportunitues to rouse the people's anger against the ruling regime and the system it administers. Big advances in the armed revolution rely on the widespread arousal and mobilization of the people in democratic mass struggles.

We must kindle the fires of agrarian struggles in the vast countryside. We must arouse and mobilize the peasant masses and farm workers and advance agrarian revolution to a higher and broader level.

We must spark the flames of mass struggles in the urban areas, arousing and mobilizing the workers, urban poor, students, rank and file employees and other democratic sectors to join powerful mass struggles against the antipeople and pro-imperialist policies of the ruling regime. We must carry forward anti-imperialist, antifeudal and antifascist struggles.

Let us rouse the patriotism and democratic consciousness of the people. Let us advance a broad movement to study history and use the scientific and revolutionary method of thinking.Let us expand several times over and continuously consolidate the revolutionary mass organizations. Let the Party deepen its roots among the masses.

Let us reach out to the people in their millions and rouse them to advance the armed revolution and people's war to a higher stage. Let us hail the victories attained in advancing the people's war, especially in carrying forward agrarian revolution and building the new democratic government in the countryside. Let us steel our resolve to surpass all the previous victories of the past four decades of revolutionary struggle.

From the broad mass movement, we must gather broad support for the NPA and people's war. We must undertake the mass recruitment of new Red fighters, especially among the ranks of the youth. Let us expand the people's militia and self-defense units for the traiuning en masse of new Red fighters.

The New People's Army is determined to continuously intensify the armed struggle nationwide. In accordance with the Party's call, the NPA will continuously launch more and bigger tactical offensives against the armed forces of the reactionary state. The NPA will continuouisly train its fighters and officers to raise the capabilies of the people's army in battle.

The NPA continues to strengthen its capability to launch both annihilative and punitivbe operations against the enemy. It targets the seizure of an ever bigger number of firearms from the hands of the enemy to put them in the hands of Red fighters. The NPA must seize thousands more weapons to arm the thousands among the people's ranks desiring to become Red fighters.

The Filipino people are determined to advance the people's war. Despite the darkness of their plight under the ruling system, their revolutionary movement faces a bright future.