When Demagogic Impulse and Torrent of Yellow Lies Strikes

Patnubay de Guia, Spokesperson
National Democratic Front—Southern Tagalog Region
March 4, 2012

Aquino’s popularity has been totally absorbed into his bloodstream. Power has gotten into his head. Not even worthy to win acclaim yet in paranoid desire not to lose a single drop of it, Aquino has upped his mastery of orchestrating big propaganda shows. Peppered with ruses, media projections and dramatic effects, he has highlighted it to mean crucial to his administration’s drive against corruption obscuring self-serving agenda, which has always been the primary objective for forwarding such show.

Things start off grand enough with lead prosecutor Niel Tupas, so full of himself at the start of the trial, declaims eight articles as what would be the show’s, the prosecution panel hopes, plot. Believing he holds all the aces and with an inflated ego due to his popularity, Aquino, takes the lead role of a leader resolute to bring the culprit to justice.

Enter Chief Justice Renato Corona.

To emerge as the protagonist his approach is simple. Appear as the underdog; subtly distance oneself with the mastermind, the little lady whom her opponents want to put to sleep; and with tears streaming down one’s face never forget to put on the most important act: side with the people’s interest.

Those are quite interesting characters in an interesting show that keep the people waiting for something big to happen that never materializes.

Things start falling apart for the prosecution as it commits one irremediable blunder after another. The prosecution, then, drastically morphs as idiotic villains rumbling evidences that almost always boomerang on their faces. Throughout the course of the trial it became evident that the prosecution was on a mere fishing expedition, even using illegally obtained bank documents of Corona as evidence. Aquino, on the other hand, metamorphosing from a righteous leader to a bungling ringmaster to amateurish performers, falls into the grip of deep and unusual obsession to remove Corona from office.

The turn of events shows the prosecution withdrawing five of the eight Articles of Impeachment effectively ending its presentation of further evidences and witnesses. They believe that that is the best for the nation. That dropping five (5) evidences speeds up the process. That the evidences they have presented are sufficient to warrant judgment from the senator-judges.

“They want to abbreviate,” said presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda. But brevity rarely equals validity or solidity: on the contrary. It shows that it does not really posses any strong evidence on hand when it, in haste and without proper verification and deliberation in the lower house, submitted its Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. It is a step backward that doubles over as an admittance of lacking substantial evidences, if not defeat.

Corona is Supreme Court’s weakest link; owing to the popular perception that he, by being a midnight appointee, including the majority of the Supreme Court’s magistrate are Arroyo’s protectors and minions. But for all Aquino’s big propaganda show to impeach Corona, even nailing it as the yardstick for rooting out corruption in the government, it’s just a shame that it barely succeeds as a milestone in establishing a judicial system that respects, protects and advances the rights of the people. True, nothing succeeds like success. Corona’s triumph is too Arroyo’s fortified safeguard by half.

Aquino’s unusual obsession to impeach Corona is not designed to make a clean sweep within the judiciary or convict Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her cohorts of their crimes. It is *to wreak revenge against Corona, a backlash of his clan’s wrath* – the roots of which can be traced back to the unfavorable decision of the Supreme Court over the Hacienda Luisita Case ruining the pillars on which the feudal power of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan stands.

Borne out of the intensifying and inevitable conflict within the ruling class that would employ even the most blatant ways and means to maintain the status quo and keep things under their control, Aquino uses the trial, to strengthen and widen his power. By further encroaching throughout the three branches of the government, Aquino is geared to forward the narrow and self-serving factional interests of his own clan that demands for an unjust 5 billion pesos compensation for giving up Hacienda Luisita.

For all the distinct character the current administration wants to project, it brings absolutely nothing new to the table. His and Arroyo’s administration are not built of different architectures. Aquino’s administration is, in actuality, designed to continue implementing Arroyo’s discredited programs such as the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT), anti-insurgency program, deregulation, privatization and trade liberalization. The people have witnessed that, for instance, quickly after assuming presidency, demolitions among the informal settlers were more massive and violent to pave the way for projects under the Private-Public Partnership Program.

Hunger, extreme poverty, unemployment and landlessness among others pervade the country. Yet what emanates from Aquino is arrogance and inhuman coldness in abundance, characters that history tells us are inherent in his makeup and class origin. But although no one has ever claimed that he is a genius, blatant disregard and indifference to the needs of the people shows him at his most inept and numb, if not the dumbest, self.

The miserable conditions of the people are s-e-r-i-o-u-s +problems+ that need c-o-n-c-r-e-t-e +solutions+. Those are not 30-minute television shows that can be manipulated as though having quality and substance by fictitious social or economic development. Those mean hard work, which the landlord, professing to be the people’s bosses, has to hold hands with the people and touch the earth, literally and figuratively. Those mean the truth. But because those are, at the same time, against his own class’ interests, and therefore of considerable feat for people like him of high political and social status, he has rather opted to continue staging propaganda shows like the impeachment trial as a cover for his administration’s failure to implement significant changes in the government and provide long-term and comprehensive solutions in uplifting the quality of lives of the Filipino people.

_Separated from media hype, yellow lies and empty promises, the people can see the impeachment trial for exactly what it is. There are no great secrets to be revealed, no dramatic changes in the lives of the people are to be had. The highlights of the trial clearly depict the flaws and vulnerability of the judicial system and the objective reality that the people can never obtain justice from the processes of the traditional reactionary institutions._

The National Democratic Front in the Southern Tagalog Region calls upon the people to focus their attention and translate their strength into intense and massive protest actions to assert their democratic rights and interests. The people should direct their indignation towards the Aquino administration, which at their expense leads up its chimeric straight path nowhere but to the consolidation and enrichment of the ruling classes’ wealth and power. Doggedly determined in implementing anti-people, anti-democratic and anti-national policies that are direct sequels to that of the Arroyo regime’s and subservient to the needs and interests of the US imperialist, Aquino, furthermore, ushers peace, justice and progress beyond people’s reach.

Holding Corona responsible for being GMA’s protector is undeniably true and necessary. But contrary Aquino’s claims, it is not Corona’s removal from office that shall pave the way to bring GMA and her minions to justice. It is the collective political action of the people. Corona is not the stumbling block to hold GMA and her minions accountable for their crimes. It is the downright ineptness and incompetence of his administration.

Devoid of any executive privileges that the people sitting in the government enjoy, it is the prerogative of the people to assert their inherent right to self-determination. It is their entitlement to rally together in order to gain concrete victories in advancing their ranks. It is in their authority to arrest a government that ignores massive manifestations and atrocious evidences of social degeneration. It is their freedom to seek as far as revolutionary courses of action to fight against an oppressive, repressive and tyrannical social system and strive to build a new one that truly serves as their representation.

*Rage against the Aquino regime!*
*Seek and traverse the revolutionary road towards genuine change, peace and justice!*
*Join the New People’s Army!*