41st IB punished anew

Diego Wadagan, Spokesperson
Agustin Begnalen Command (NPA-Abra)
April 27, 2012

NPA units from the Procopio Tauro Front (NPA- North Abra) under the Agustin Begnalen Command  (NPA-Abra) victoriously attacked a detachment of the Charlie Coy, 41st IB, led by Lt. Totoy, and a platoon of reinforcement disguised as NPAs.

The said detachment is located at Sitio Bantugo, Poblacion Lacub, Abra, right beside the Poblacion Lacub Elementary School, and surrounded by about 15 houses in a productive riceland area.  The detachment is supposedly the Lacub Municipal Police Station, unmanned, abandoned, and now occupied by the 41st IB.  Earlier, units of the 41st IB used to encamp at the heart of Poblacion Lacub, but were pushed out by people’s protests because of public disturbance, drunkenness and indiscriminate firing.

The harassment operation started at 5:20 AM on April 26, 2012.  The team approached the detachment and fired at positions 50 and 100 meters away.  Three (3) soldiers died on the spot, and another was wounded. The Red Fighters took the initiative from the start, and the surprised soldiers only fired back when the Red Fighters were already retreating, in frantic and aimless directions.  The NPA unit retreated safely.  Later, the beleaguered soldiers scampered barefoot to Poblacion, seeking refuge with the masses that were so happy with the NPA’s punitive action and were laughing at the funny sight of fleeing soldiers.

Another attack was initiated by an NPA team on April 27, 2012.  The Red Fighters have been closely monitoring possible reinforcements of 41st IB units, after the previous day’s harassment operations.  The said NPA team fired upon a platoon of 41st IB soldiers at Mt. Inuman, Lacub, Abra, bordering Baay-Licuan, at exactly 10:00AM.  3 soldiers were killed in the said firefight that lasted for only 15 minutes.   The soldiers, even while in a combat mission, were not in uniform as this became a modus operandi for infantry units to deceive the revolutionary masses.

The tactical offensives were carried out to punish the 41st IB, 503rd Brigade for consistently serving as large-scale mining security force, terrorizing the people, widespread human rights violations, oppression against the indigenous peoples, women and children, criminality and decadence.

The 503rd Brigade, particularly the 41st IB have long been terrorizing North Abra, specifically the towns of Lacub, Malibcong, Tineg and Baay-Licuan.  The people of North Abra have been strongly opposed to ethnocide due to large-scale mining incursions in their ancestral lands and massive militarization and human rights violations.  One of the most blatant acts of human rights violation and violation of the International Humanitarian Laws (IHL, or international conventions on the conduct of war) is the desecration of the bodies of the 8 NPA’s who died in October 10, 2011 in Caganayan Tineg.

To date, despite verbal commitments from the 503rd Brigade’s Commanding Officer Col. Eliseo Posadas, the 41st IB are encamped in or near school buildings and in civilian or public facilities, in violation of the IHL and the CAHRIHL (Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws).  The 503rd Brigade is also violating provisions of the IPRA (Indigenous People’s Rights Act) pertinent to the prior approval indigenous communities to any activity or intrusion into their ancestral land, by any group, including the AFP.

For the past two (2) years, 41st IB troops have established camps in Mataragan, Malibcong town, a few meters above the community.  Currently, CMO (civil-military operations) units named as “Peace and Development Teams” are stationed insight the communities of Lapat-Balantay, Agsimao, and Caganayan, all in Tineg town.  Troops have also been stationed inside the communities of Umnap, Adugao, Buano and Lat-ey all in Bangilo, Malibcong.  While stationed inside communities, soldiers commonly violate political and economic rights of the people.  Women fall prey to soldiers, including minors and married ones.  Up to now, justice has not been served to victims of statutory rapes, such as the case of a 17-year old girl from barangay Pacoc, Lacub Town.  Instead of being reprimanded and prosecuted, abusive soldiers and officers were only transferred to other units, some of them even promoted.

The 503rd Brigade, particularly the 41st IB is in cahoots with warlords in ensuring the interests of large-scale mining companies in North Abra.  Just recently, local government officials in Lacub led by Mayor Bersamira and Vice Mayor Leo Barona, in connivance with elements within the NCIP (National Commission on Indigenous Peoples), concocted a zarzuela and maneuvered the FPIC (free and prior informed consent) process.  Despite the people’s overwhelming opposition to large-scale mining intrusions into their ancestral lands, particularly that of Golden Lake-Miguel M. Pena, approval was supposedly given by the people in a referendum.  The people did not exercise their  democratic rights due to the fascist-dictatorial rule of Mayor Bersamira and Vice Mayor Leo Barona, even while a few have been misled and fooled by the duo into thinking that mining exploration is not detrimental to the people’s interests.  People’s organizations opposed to large-scale mining have been demonized, harassed and banned; mass leaders have been harassed by armed goons of the Mayor and the Vice-Mayor in combination with the presence and patrol operations of the 41st IB.  In Lacub, the rottenness of the ruling system is so obvious where imperialism, bureaucrat-capitalism, and feudalism rear their ugly heads over the people.

These tactical offensives are part punitive actions by the Agustin Begnalen Command against those who blatantly oppress, exploit and terrorize the people of Abra under the banner of Oplan Bayanihan.  With revolutionary fervor and commitment, the NPA will be with the people in their fight against the connivance of large-scale mining companies, the AFP/PNP fascist-terrorists, and a few of their running dogs in the provincial and local government units.  Together with the people, the CPP-NPA-CPDF will surely be victorious in advancing the revolution to a new and higher level.


41st IB dinusa manen ti NPA-Abra

Agustin Begnalen Command
Diego Wadagan, Spokesperson
NPA- Abra
26 April 2012

Balligi nga nairussuat ti dua a team ti NPA iti sidong ti Procopio Tauro Front (North Abra)-Agustin Begnalen Command (ABC)-NPA Abra ti nagsaruno a harassment iti detachment ti Charlie Coy, 41st IB nga idadauloan ni Lt. Totoy ken idiay Inuman sadiay Lacub, Abra. Ti nasao a detachment ket adda sadiay sitio Bantugo, Poblacion, Lacub a halos sangapulo ket lima a metro laeng ti kaadayo na  iti Poblacion Lacub Elementary School ken iti sangapulo ket lima a balbalay ken taltalon iti aglawlaw na.  Daytoy a detachment ket isu ti municipal police station ti Lacub nga inokupar dagiti militar manipud pay idi napalabas a tawen inggana iti agdama.  Sakbay na ket nagkampo met laeng ti 41st IB  iti uneg mismo ti Poblacion, Lacub ngem pinapanaw isuda dagiti residente gapu iti grabe nga panang-istorbo dagiti militar a nasansan nga agputputok ken agbarbartek iti uneg ti ili.

Ti umuna a harassment ket nagrugi ti alas 5:20 iti agsapa idi April 26, 2012. Maysa nga team ti NPA ti immasideg ken nagpwesto iti 50 ken 100 a metro iti detachment. Dagus a natay ti tallo bayat a nasugatan ti maysa a kameng ti Charlie Coy , 41st IB.  Gapu iti pannakakelaat ket saan dagus a nakasungbat ti putok dagiti militar.  Nakapagputok laeng dagiti AFP iti kumporme a direksyon idi awanen ti marikna da nga putok ti kakadua.  Natalged ken nangato ti moral ti kakadua a nakaatras nga awan uray maysa a nadangran.  Kalpasan na ket nagtataray dagiti kabusor iti Poblacion a sakasaka a mangpapaarayat kadagiti umili. Kabayatan na, naragsak met ti umili ti Lacub a nadusa dagiti militar nga nasurok dua a tawenen a nagyan iti ili nga nangirurumen ken nambutbuteng kenyada.

Ti maikadua a labanan ket tinambangan ti maysa a team ti NPA ti tropa ti Charlie Coy a kumamat koma kadagiti bimmira a kakadua idi April 27, 2012 ti alas diyes ti agsapa. Tallo ti natay iti nasao a rinnupak.

Ti nasao nga harassment operations nga inrussuat ti yunit ti NPA ket paset iti panagdusa ti Agustin Begnalen Command iti 41st IB, 503rd Brigade gapu iti napinget a  paspasetan da kas security force  dagiti large scale mining a kumpanya,  tuloy-tuloy nga terorismo ken panaglabsing iti demokratiko a karbengan dagiti umili, panangidadanes da kadagiti nailian a minorya, panangirurumen da kadagiti babbai ken uubbing, ken panagranggas, panangparigat ken panangbaboy da kadagiti bangkay dagiti NPA iti Tineg 8 incident idi October 10, 2011.

Ti 41st IB ket nabayagen nga agdakdakiwas ken mangipaspasaknap iti terorismo kangrunaan kadagiti ili ti Lacub, Tineg, Malibcong, Baay-Licuan, ken dadduma pay a paset ti upland a munisipalidad iti amianan nga Abra nga nu sadinno ket adda ti napigsa a panangsupiat ti umili kontra iti LSM-exploration ken panaglabsing iti karbengan kas tao. Aggingga iti agdama ket tuluy-tuloy nga lablabsingen ti  41st IB ti paglintegan ti gubat a nailanad iti International Humanitarian Law nga saan a rumbeng a pagbalinen nga human shield dagiti sibilyan, iti CARHRIHL (Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law) nga mangiparit iti militar nga agkampo kadagiti pagnanaedan ti umili ken iti IPRA (Indigenous People’s Rights Act) a mangiparit nga agkampo ken ag-operasyon ti militar iti ayan dagiti nainsigudan nga umili nga awan ti pammalubos. Pinasingkedan pay daytoy ti declaration ti UNICEF nga mangparit a pagkampoan ti militar dagiti eskwelaan. 

Nu buyaen ti agdama a plastar ti pwersa ti 41st IB,  agarup dua a tawen dan a nagkampo sadiay Mataragan, Malibcong a ngatoen laeng ti kabalbalayan; dagiti RSOT-“peace and development team ket nakakampo mismo iti uneg dagiti komunidad ti Lapat-Balantay, Agsimao, ken Caganayan Tineg;  ken PDT met laeng iti uneg ti komunidad ti Umnap, Adugao, Buano ken Lat-ey sadiay Bangilo, Malibcong.  Naruay nga malablabsing ti pampulitika ken pang-ekonomiya a karbengan dagiti umili kabayatan a nakakampo ti militar iti uneg wenno asiddeg iti komunidad.  Kasta met laeng a nasansan a mabiktima da dagiti kababaihan agraman dagiti menor-de-edad ken dagiti pamilyado.  Aginggana kadagitoy ket awan pay laeng ti naan-anay a hustisya iti biktima ti statutory rape ti 41st IB iti maysa a 17 tawen a balasang idiay Pacoc, Lacub. Naruay met laeng ti pannakikamalala iti addaan asawan nga nu sadinno ket ti sangkot nga kameng ti 41st IB ket agtultuloy latta iti serbisyo ken maiyalis laeng iti sabali nga komunidad.  Ti dadduma kenyada ket ngumato pay laeng ti ranggo.

Nagkumplot ti warlordismo ken pasismo a mangitantandudo iti panagserrek ti makadadael ken igante a kompanya ti minas.  Itay laeng nabiit a panawen ket kinalburo ti nagkumplot nga LGU ti Lacub ken NCIP ti proseso ti panag-ala ti FPIC ti Magdaleno M. Pena mining company .  Saan nga naipatungpal ti umili ti demokratiko a panag-adal ken panag-amiris gapu iti ala-diktadura nga turay ti mayor ken bise-mayor nga agar-aramat iti narugit a taktika ti pamutbuteng babaen iti presensya mismo ti 41st IB, PNP ken panag-usar da iti private armed groups(PAGs).  Daytoy nga kumbinasyon ti allilaw ken naranggas a pamuspusan ti estado tapno laeng makaala ti dakkel a pinansya ken bileg iti pulitika ket pagsarmingan ti kumarkaro a pannakarungsot ti agar-ari a sistema nga pagkumkumplotan ti imperyalismo, burukrata-kapitalsimo ken pyudalismo. 

Dagitoy nga opensiba ket rugi pay laeng ti panagdusa ti Agustin Begnalen Command kadagiti tuloy-tuloy a mangirurumen, manangidadanes ken manggungundaway kadagiti umili ti Abra iti sidong ti kontra-umili ken manang-allilaw a programa ti gobyerno ken Oplan Bayanihan. Kinanayon a natibker ti komitment ken nangato ti pangngeddeng ti NPA a kuyogen ti umili iti Abra iti laban da iti panagkukumplot dagiti igante a minas, dagiti terorista nga AFP ken PNP, ken dagiti sumagmamano nga napekpeklan nga aso-aso da iti LGU. Kadua dagiti umili, sigurado nga ipagballigi ti ABC dagiti sumarsaruno nga addang na para iti panangiyabante iti demokratiko a rebolusyon ti umili.