Aquino, Henry Sy's hands drip with blood over Parañaque demolition--CPP

Communist Party of the Philippines
April 23, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemned in the strongest possible terms the Aquino government and its armed police, as well as the Parañaque local government and Henry Sy of the SM group for the violent demolition operations this morning at the Silverio Compound along Sucat, Parañaque, which resulted in the killing of at least three residents and the arrest and injury of scores of others.

News footages show at least five elements of the PNP-SWAT armed with M16 rifles firing directly at the residents’ barricade. Scores of bloodied protesters were being picked up, truncheoned and manhandled by arresting police officers even as they were already handcuffed. Policemen were shown trying to shield their fellow officers from being caught on camera as they beat up arrested protesters.

The demolition of the nine-hectare community paves the way for the construction of new condominiums owned by Henry Sy, a big bourgeois comprador who owns the SM chain of commercial malls and other upscale real estate properties. The sprawling Silverio compound is home to at least 28,000 residents.

“Benigno Aquino III and Henry Sy’s hands are dripping with the blood of the Silverio martyrs,” said the CPP. “Without reservation, the Aquino regime exhibited unbridled cruelty and repression against the impoverished residents of the community as it employed extreme violence to force the demolition of their homes. Aquino is showing who his real bosses are—not the people, but Henry Sy and the rest of the pro-Aquino big bourgeois compradors and landlords.”

According to residents of the area, their homes are covered by a low-cost housing scheme under the Community Mortgage Program. An initial payment of P10 million was already made several years ago for them by the local government to be granted a writ of possession by the courts.

“The residents of Silverio compound stand on just ground as they put up barricades and oppose the demolitions,” said the CPP. “Not only do they have the legal right to defend their community from being demolished. They are fighting for their fundamental right to decent housing and livelihood. The CPP and the Filipino people salute the defiance of the Silverio residents to resist the demolition.”

“This violent demolition is but the latest of a series of demolition operations being carried out by the Aquino regime to pave the way for projects under its Public-Private Partnership program,” said the CPP. “At least 500,000 residents in Metro Manila alone are set to be evicted from their homes and communities and relocated to places that are often devoid of basic services and facilities and far away from their sources of livelihood.”