Aquino regime is pushing youths out of school with new tuition increases--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
April 18, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the Aquino regime for "pushing more and more Filipino youth out of school" in approving anew tuition increases in private schools for the upcoming school year 2012-13 while cutting back on government spending for education in line with its discredited program of privatization and deregulation.

The Department of Education (DepEd) yesterday announced that more than 100 high schools and colleges in Metro Manila alone will increase tuition in June. Last year, close to 250 schools hiked tuition rates. The DepEd justified its approval of such tuition hike applications by claiming that the increases of 5-10% are only minimal.

"For the vast majority of the youth, every increment in the cost of education adds to the already heavy burden of high prices, low wages and unemployment on the shoulders of their working class families," said the CPP. "There is no acceptable justification for allowing another round of tuition increases, especially when the Aquino regime continues to perpetuate the polices privatization and deregulation and reduces budgetary allocations for education."

"Millions of Filipino youths are thrown out of school yearly by the semestral round of tuition increases," said the CPP. Citing information from youth groups, the CPP said for every 10 grade one students, only a little above four will ever finish high school education. This translates to more than 1.3 million students who drop out by the time they reach 15 years old.

"Millions of youth are being swallowed by the ever widening ocean of unemployed workers, further pulling down wages and subjecting them to grave abuse and exploitative and oppressive conditions," said the CPP.

"In paving the way for another round of tuition increases, the Aquino regime is once more stirring up the youth and students to resist and oppose the policies of privatization and deregulation dictated by the imperialist creditor banks and financial institutions led by the IMF and World Bank," said the CPP.

"The Aquino regime is pushing the youth and students to ally themselves with the working class among whom they find common cause in opposing the neo-liberal policies of the past three decades," added the CPP. "The Filipino youth are being militated to oppose the continuing IMF-policy of privatization and deregulation which has pushed education to the jaws of profit-hungry enterprises."