CPP calls on Panay youth to join the NPA

7 April 2012

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Join the armed struggle, join the people's army! This was the call issued by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Regional Committee in Panay to the youth in the countryside and urban areas on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the New People's Army (NPA).

There must be massive recruitment among the youth in order to establish more company-size guerrilla fronts and expand the number of NPA Red fighters in the island.

In fact, one of the biggest victories of the NPA in Panay the previous year is its expansion brought about when many youth joined the platoons of the people's army. The number of regular NPA Red fighters grew by 20%, according to Ka Concha Araneta, spokesperson of the CPP Regional Committee in Panay.

Trainings were also conducted, raising the NPA's level of effectveness in combat. The Red fighters' capabilities in conducting their expansion and consolidation tasks in their areas of responsibility were enhanced. The guerrillas assist in the activities of peasant associations by raising the level of production, eradicating carabao rustling syndicates and providing other services to the people. The NPA has played a decisive role in strengthening revolutionary political power in the countryside.

Peasant support for the NPA has further intensified. As a result, the people's militia enjoyed an 18% expansion. Some of its members now directly participate in NPA tactical offensives.

Another major victory of the NPA in Panay lay in thwarting the attacks of the 3rd ID of the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police as they implemented the Aquino regime's Oplan Bayanihan. Amid more intensified attacks by the 82nd IB, 61st IB and 12th IB as well as the PNP Mobile Groups, NPA units fought valiantly during defensive actions and launched 21 tactical offensives, dealing 13 casualties on the enemy, including five killed. Among the wounded were two lieutenants of the 61st IB Bravo Coy Command Group.

Meanwhile, according to initial reports, the latest NPA tactical offensive in Panay was an ambush against 82nd IB troops in Tabungan, Iloilo on March 26, three days before the 43rd anniversary of the NPA.