NPA metes blows on the 8th ID in EV

7 April 2012

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Contrary to the boastful claims of the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army that it does not consider the New People's Army a problem in Eastern Visayas, the intensification of armed struggle in the region is giving the military a big headache.

In a statement, National Democratic Front-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas said that the NPA is on the right path in the effort to further intensify tactical offensives and win over the people to the side of the armed revolution against the antipeople, pro-imperialist and militarist Aquino regime.

Last year, the Efren Martires Command (EMC-NPA-EV) registered at least 46 military actions against the 8th ID and other state security forces. These comprised 26 offensives and 28 defensive actions resulting in 70 enemy forces killed. Four Red fighters were martyred on the NPA side.

Among the most striking tactical offensives was the ambush by the Sergio Lobina Command on a unit of the Philippine National Police Provincial Mobile Group (PMG) in Arteche town, Eastern Samar on February 27, 2011. Killed in the ambush was P/Insp. Al Tantiado. Three other policemen were wounded. The NPA was able to seize three M16s and an M14 rifle.

Another significant battle was the ambush launched on the night of July 20, 2011 by combined forces of the Efren Martires Command and the Arnulfo Ortiz Command against a convoy of the 34th IB in Paranas, Samar. The military suffered many casualties in this firefight, with seventeen 34th IB troops wiped out. The NPA likewise seized a K3 (Daewoo) light machine gun, two M16 rifles and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Meanwhile, in Leyte, the 78th IB was meted a series of defeats by Red fighters of the Mt. Amandewin Command on May 8-13, 2011, with the enemy suffering 21 dead. Despite these losses, the Armed Forces of the Philippines leadership persists in claiming that the military has done away with the NPA's revolutionary influence in Leyte.

The NPA's regular forces are being assisted in their tactical offensives by the more numerous units of the people's militia and the Barrio Self-Defense Corps., who are "farmers by day" and "Red fighters by night."

The New People's Army and the armed people of Eastern Visayas possess the strength and the capability to further intensify guerrilla warfare and make a decisive contribution to the advance towards the strategic stalemate of the people's war within this decade.