NPA team punishes counterrevolutionary bandit leader

Allan Juanito
NPA North Central Mindanao (Julito Tiro Command)
April 16, 2012

An armed team of Julito Tiro Command of the New People’s Army (JTC-NPA) successfully ambushed Melody de la Mance a.k.a. Datu Manlagingkit of the NCIP in the morning of April 14 in Poblacion Cabanglasan, Bukidnon. Melody de la Mance died instantly during the incident.

Melody de la Mance succeeded his late father, Doro de la Mance, in leading the dreaded counterrevolutionary bandit de la Mance group that has long angered the people due to their criminal acts of robbery, hold-up, murder of civilians, cattle rustling, landgrabbing and extortion.

On 1995, Maj. Dumalahay orchestrated their fake surrender with seven high-caliber rifles and were presented as NPA surrenderees. Instead of holding them accountable and jailing them for their crimes, they were rearmed by the military under Maj. Dumalahay on 1997 in order to terrorize the poor people farming in the mountainous parts of these areas. They used their weapons to pursue the NPA and to carry on with their criminal activities, land grabbing and continued harassment against the people in the barrios of Cabanglasan and Malaybalay.

The military and police have long abetted the savage acts of this group. They only toned their activities down when they perceived the growing strength of the revolutionary movement in Bukidnon. But their victims have long cried for justice. Only the New People’s Army, the true army of the oppressed and exploited, can carry out the people’s long-overdue dream of justice. Thus, in the morning of April 14, 2012, this dream became a reality.

However, it is unfortunate that two fighters of the said NPA team offered their lives during the ambush against Melody when the pursuing Cabanglasan police force along with the armed followers of de la Mance overwhelmed them, while they were withdrawing after the incident. Even in the face of imminent death, their fervent revolutionary passion for love of country and the liberation of the oppressed never ceased to burn. They fought heroically and fearlessly engaged the armed forces of the ruling class until their last breath. We salute them.

Though the ruling class and their local running dogs gloat over the death of two revolutionaries, they are surely gritting their teeth as well for the loss of one of their trusted murderers.

On the other hand, the deaths of Ka. Micoy and Ka. Bembem are more lamented for by the people. The lessons from their revolutionary experience will continue to inspire the poor to stand and fight against oppression and exploitation until we finally achieve genuine social change.