Only through the victory of the People’s Democratic Revolution can the workers, together with the entire Filipino people, be emancipated!

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
May 1, 2012

On the occasion of International Labor Day, the NDFP-Mindanao salutes the Filipino workers who continue to wage their just and legitimate struggle under the most oppressive and exploitative conditions of a semi-feudal, semi-colonial system. World monopoly capitalism is on its worst crisis and the workers, especially those in neocolonies, are being used to absorb this crisis. The workers are conscious that their class emancipation can only be realized together with the emancipation of other oppressed classes not only through the strike movement but decisively through the people’s war and ultimately upon the total victory of the new democratic revolution.

True to its semi-feudal and semi-colonial character, majority of the workers in Mindanao are agricultural workers who do not even receive the daily minimum wage. They get an average of 200-300 pesos per day, way beyond the government’s daily standard of more or less 1,000 pesos for a family of six.  In the Philippines, unemployment rate has gone up to 11%; this means there are at least 800,000 jobless in Mindanao.

To reap superprofit, multinational companies in the island, especially the ones which are environmentally-destructive like Dole, del Monte and Platinum Gold Metals Corp. (PGMC), impose the most exploitative anti-labor schemes, such as contractualization, long working hours, heavy quotas, undue deductions, and usury in the form of “5-6” from intentionally delayed wages.

The formidable political strength that was wielded by the workers since the second half of the 1980s has been systematically weakened by capital and its state apparatus through “legal” means, such as the assumption of jurisdiction, the criminalization of strikes, retrenchments, union busting, collusion with reformist workers’ unions, arbitrary filing of trumped-up cases, bribery and others.  Not content with “legal” means, they resort to naked violence with impunity, such as militarization and the bloody dispersal of strikes and, worse, the extra-judicial killing of union leaders.

This worsening exploitation and intensifying repression have resulted in further impoverishment and hunger, swelling the ranks of the poor who continually cry out in anger and demand social justice; employment and just wages for food, housing, water and electricity, health, education and other basic needs of a decent human existence.

This has emboldened the workers in Mindanao as with their counterparts in PAL and in Hacienda Luisita, ever conscious of their historical role as a leading class, to continue to fight relentlessly, as what they have daringly shown in their struggle in DoleFil, Alsons, Filipinas Palmoil PIantation Inc. (FPPI), and in many others.

The workers of Mindanao, together with their comrades nationwide, are well aware that the struggle for their emancipation is not only through the state-constricted legal arena of unionism and strike movement, but primarily through the arena of the ever intensifying people’s war in the country today.

You, workers, mass leaders and activists: Welcome! Join the ranks of the New People’s Army as Red fighters and political officers, where you can fight unrestrained from bourgeois “legal” as well as fascist constrictions in the parliamentary arena, and can fully work for the total emancipation of the workers, peasants and the entire Filipino people.

Workers are also aware that their ranks are led by the advanced detachment of their class – the Communist Party of the Philippines. Under the leadership of the proletarian party, they can surpass the level of development they have attained in the late 80s to once again be in the forefront of the open mass struggles, and to march in step as the people’s war advances towards the strategic stalemate stage.

The advance of the workers movement that is led by the Communist Party of the Philippines is our concrete contribution to the international workers’ movement and to the International Communist Movement as a whole.

Long live the Filipino workers!
Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!
Long live the International Communist Movement!