Red Salute to the 39th Year of National Democratic Front of the Philippines Advance Our Struggle Towards National and Social Liberation

Veronica Makabayan
April 24, 2012

MakabayangKilusan ngBagongKababaihan of Southern Tagalog would like to express its high revolutionary greetings to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, celebrating its 39th year of establishment and continued perseverance in building a broad front against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

As an allied organization of NDF we reaffirm the commitment in grooming women with high revolutionary spirit and optimism towards the protracted peoples war. We express our continued patronage to the national democratic revolution and the arm struggle as the prime form of struggle in advancing our national democratic aspirations.

Times had been challenging to the revolutionary movement, thus this times are thebest times to sow the good seeds of our national democratic struggle. Everyday, hundreds of people become homeless either are in the rural or urban setting. Those who were form the urban areas were demolished to pave way for capitalist greed of expanding business, together with the big compradors while those in rural areas were made to leave their homes in exchange of land conversion, industrial plantations and the capitalist greed for land of feudal landlords. To continue with the unending crises, the US-Aquino regime had been playing deaf and blind with the peoples call to increase wages and cut-rate on the prices of commodities. Instead, Noynoy Aquino became the eligible spokesperson for turning down the peoples cry and for lifting the demands of feudal landlords and foreign capitalists.

'Noynoying' as the activist had coined is not only an expression for Noynoy Aquino himself. It has been a word now to describe his imbecile government who remains under the suffocating skirt of the United States. As United States greed for political and economic power over the Asia Pacific, forlorn moves to crash our celebrated arm struggle are done, proof to it is the on going Balikatan Exercises in different parts of country, in our case in Palawan and Cavite.It has been noted in years and as history have thought us that the US war of aggression had bring the oppressed women to the foot of abuse, molestation and utmost human rights violation.

It is now the momentous event to awaken the patriotic and nationalistic spirit of our compatriots. Put forward the alternative of the national democratic revolution has endowed to the prolonged crises of the semi-feudal and semi-colonial Philippine society.

We also pay tribute to Ka Gregorio Rosal's birth last April 19, his birth significantly reminds us that amongst the unhistorical births of the oppressed, a life dedicated to the masses and to the revolution makes the unfading difference.Timely of her death last April 20, MAKIBAKA-TK expresses its red salute to 'KaMinda' a woman, a red fighter, from the working class who chose to struggle in arms together with the oppressed peasantry. She became a martyr with 3 other comrades in a military operation done by the reactionary forces of the Philippine Army in Lopez, Quezon. They're families and fellow were in grief but their revolutionary spirits together with the other martyrs live on and bound to prosper in greater heights.  ####