Resist the Aquino regime's out and out puppetry

7 April 2012

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With only close to two years in power, the Aquino regime has surpassed all previous chief puppets in ceding the country's sovereignty to US imperialism. Benigno Aquino III has paved the wat for the intervention of American soldiers and allowed the use of the Philippines as one big launching pad for US imperialist domination of the Asia-Pacific.

The Aquino regime does not have even an iota of interest to defend Philippine national sovereignty. The puppey president recently declared that he would allow the US military access to Philippine air space to fly and operate surveillance drones, as if this were one of his imperialist master's intrinsic rights.

Aquino has also declared his acquiescence to frequent “visits” by American troops and frequent dockings of US warships and flights of US fighter jets. Aquino's officials have even said that if possible, they would like the American soldiers' Balikatan military exercises to be held daily in all areas of the country.

The “defense of Philippine sovereignty” is Aquino's hugely ironic justification for the growing presence, frequent ingress and egress and domination of American troops in the country. The irony, however, is completely lost to someone who is a US puppet to the hilt. Aquino wants to absolutely deprive the Filipino people of their national dignity and cede the country's sovereignty to his powerful imperialist overlord.

Li ke the previous reactionary puppets, Aquino wants Filipinos to swallow hook, line and sinker every lie spewed out by US imperialism and believe that the American military and capitalists have no other interest but to “defend freedom and democracy.” Just as US imperialism described its occupation of the Philippines and the massacre of more than 400,000 Filipinos in the early 1900s as “benevolent assimilation,” Aquino claims that the thousands of American troops who have been coming to the country have nothing but the country's interests at heart. Aquino fetes them like gods, sacrificing before them every single freedom enjoyed by the Philippines.

Aquino is thoroughly subservient to his imperialist masters. In exchange for ceding all Philippine freedoms, he is only too glad to be gifted with his masters' surplus military hardware. In fact, US imperialism gives away its mothballed warships and other military equipment to the Philippines so these could be used for purposes defined by the US. The US-assisted AFP “modernization” program has no other objective but to strengthen the AFP's capability to suppress the people's democratic and patriotic struggles.

The Aquino regime has been boosting US military domination in the Philippines by paving the way for American troops to maintain permanent presence, set up their intelligence infrastructure, launch intelligence operations and clandestinely join counterguerrilla operations in the guise of “military exercises” and by opening seaports and airports to US warships and warplanes conducting operations in order to dominate the Asia-Pacific.

By making US military strength predominant in the Philippines, the US is able to enhance its ability to influence and control Philippine economic, political and military affairs. Aquino's overdependence on US military assistance makes him very susceptible to his master's every whim and desire.

Aquino is a stooge to US economic dictates.

Like the previous puppets, he pursues the policies of trade and investment liberalization, privatization, deregulation and denationalization which have caused a crisis unprecedented in severity in the last three decades. Aquino and his allies have been pushing for amendments to the reactionary 1987 constitution in their desire to become part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and further open up the economy to plunder by foreign big capitalists.

Aquino is servile to US foreign policy. He allows himself to be used as a pawn in instigating war or diplomatic attacks on countries perceived as enemies of US imperialism. Whatever the US says about Iran, North Korea, China and other countries is automatically echoed by Aquino. He does not have a shred of dignity in him to assert the right to choose the country's friends or enemies beyond the dictates of his US masters.

Hewing ever so closely to the fascist US Counterinsurgency Guide, Aquino has intensified the Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression. Bombings and other acts of violence against civilian communities have mounted in order to impose a reign of terror and suppress the people's struggles, especially against foreign mining and logging. In accordance with US dictates, Aquino has set aside the peace talks which he has used merely as an instrument to deceive the revolutionary forces and cause their capitulation. Aquino has no interest in resolving the basic issues behind the civil war, especially those that have to do with advancing Philippine national sovereignty.

In the face of the US and worldwide capitalist crisis, the US will be further squeezing the country dry as a source of cheap raw materials and cheap labor for the operations of American monopoly capitalists. If Aquino had his way, the Philippines would be further condemned to semicolonial oppression and exploitation in the hands of the US.

!{float:left; margin-right:10px}/images/library/816883308672577/large/npa43.jpg! The Filipino people and their revolutionary forces must use the remaining days of the puppet Aquino regime to fan the flames of patriotism and kindle the fires of struggles to defend national freedom.

The Filipino people must generate widespread and intense struggles against US military intervention. The cry to expel American troops from the Philippines must reverberate throughout the archipelago. We must thwart with all our might all attempts by American soldiers to use Philippine military and civilian facilities. There should be mounting resistance to the use by US military troops of Philippine air space and territorial waters for their power projection and assertion.

We nust rouse the spirit of nationalism and love for freedom by raising the people's, especially the youth's current level of cosnciousness on the Filipino people's history of struggle against colonialism and neocolonialism. We must advance nationalism and democracy as the solutions to the social and economic crisis. We must demand an end to the semicolonial and semifeudal system in the Philippines being advanced by the US and its puppet state.