Akbayan culpable for human rights violations in Bondoc Peninsula and Southern Quezon--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
May 28, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) castigated the pro-Aquino Akbayan Party for its culpability for the spate of military abuses and violations of human rights and the rights of children being perpetrated by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Southern Quezon and the Bondoc Peninsula in the past several months.

“The peasant masses and people of South Quezon and in the Bondoc Peninsula are suffering from grave military abuses as a result of the intensified military operations of the AFP,” said the CPP.
The Aquino government has deployed at least eight battalions of its armed forces, paramilitary troops and police personnel in the 22 towns of South Quezon, an equivalent of around 200 armed men in every town.

“State armed forces are wreaking havoc on the lives of the people of South Quezon,” added the CPP. “Armed troops make use of people’s houses for months on end, terrorizing people, committing grave abuses, traumatizing the youth and children, causing grave social hardships and economic dislocations, encouraging gambling, drinking, drug abuse and other antisocial activities and disrupting school classes and community peace and order.”

“Even prior to the Aquino regime, the Akbayan Party has conspired with the AFP in its counterinsurgency operations, serving as the principal civilian arm in the psywar campaign to inveigle the people into submitting to the reactionary government’s fake land reform program and pave the way for the military to bury deep its fascist fangs into the people’s necks,” said the CPP.

“Akbayan’s collaboration with the AFP has intensified under the Aquino regime and its Oplan Bayanihan,” added the CPP. “Members of Akbayan-affiliated organizations are being recruited and trained by the AFP as CAFGU elements and employed in the AFP’s campaigns of suppression under its Oplan Bayanihan plan. It complements and completes the US-designed Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression of the AFP as the so-called civil society component to cover-up the brutalities of the military operations directed against civilians.”

“Akbayan official Etta Rosales herself, who was appointed by Benigno Aquino III as chair of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), even worked with the commander of the 74th IBPA in a publicity stunt to distribute so-called land titles in Quezon,” added the CPP. “Rosales’ serving as head of the CHR is a grave mockery of human rights as the Akbayan Party has been working hand in glove with the AFP in waging the Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression against the people.”

The CPP said: "The Akbayan Party is a petty-bourgeois reformist group that is in coalition with the Aquino regime. Its officials have been appointed by Aquino in various top-level positions of the reactionary government. It serves as an apologist of the key antipeople programs of the Aquino government such as the Conditional Cash Transfer. It dresses itself as “Left” and “socialist” in a vain attempt to draw the people away from the path of militant resistance and revolutionary struggle."