The Aquino gov’t must prove that it can capture and punish Ruben Ecleo for his crimes against the people

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
05 May 2012

Yet another corrupt and ruthless psychopath politician-warlord, Ruben Ecleo, has slipped under the watch of the US-Aquino regime.  This, while fascist brutes such as Ret. Gen. Jovito “The Butcher” Palparan and the Reyes brothers of Palawan are still at large, and extra-judicial killings continue to escalate.  If indeed they side with the people, the Aquino government, the AFP and the PNP must immediately arrest and punish Ecleo!

However, in spite of PNoy’s boast on ridding his government of both the corrupt and the criminal, it appears that the reactionary government and its armed forces are not serious and are merely dilly-dallying in bringing these enemies of the people to justice, as their purported manhunt for these criminals has so far been proven to be in utter futility.  The delay in the capture of Ecleo could be a ploy of the Aquino government to secure the votes from PBMA members for the 2013 mid-term elections and strengthen his political hold beyond it.

Far worse than his conviction to two counts of graft before the Sandiganbayan in 2011, Ruben Ecleo, a known warlord and an inveterate drug addict from the Dinagat Island in Surigao del Norte, has been found guilty without a shadow of doubt on April 2012 of parricide, of murdering his own wife, Alona Bacolod, a young nursing graduate whose body was found dumped in a ravine.  Moreover, Ecleo and his private goons from the PBMA were responsible for the horrific murder of Alona’s parents and family members, as he was also responsible for the brazen extra-judicial killing of Alona’s lawyer, Atty. Arvette Sta. Ana Yongco, in 2006.  And, as Ruben Ecleo is still free to roam the country, he and his henchmen pose a serious threat to Alona Bacolod’s remaining kin, her current lawyers, and other civilians whom his private fanatical army could target. As a fascist fanatic, he wreaks havoc in Dinagat Island but also in Cebu.

As a minion of Gloria Arroyo, Ecleo is known to be one of the richest and most dreaded among politicians in the Caraga region, who exerts considerable political, economic and even military influence not only in Dinagat Island but also in nearby provinces; he is at the forefront of the continued repression and exploitation of poor folk in his own province.He maintains a private army called White Eagles, headed by a certain M/Sgt.Rallestan, which carries out the dirty work for him in his criminal activities that include illicit drug operations and others. In connivance with foreign firms, Ecleois also responsible for the forest denudation and environmental plunder of the province’s minerals-rich islands.

The people must not allow such intractable criminals as Ruben Ecleo, Jovito Palparan and others of their ilk to go on perpetuating their bloody trade with impunity.  We call on all revolutionary forces and masses to help locate the whereabouts of the hardened criminal Ruben Ecleo.

The NDFP-Mindanao challenges the Aquino government, the AFP and the PNP to bring, forthwith, these brazen criminals, with Ruben Ecleo as the latest addition to the horde, to the bar of justice and to punish them for their crimes against the people.

(Sgd.) KaOris