Corona convicted, but Arroyo still unpunished

Communist Party of the Philippines
May 30, 2012

The Filipino people have long demanded the removal of Chief Justice Renato Corona of the reactionary Supreme Court because he is a stooge of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Thus, the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces welcome Corona's conviction yesterday after more than five months of trial before the Senate convened as an Impeachment Tribunal.

It does not escape the people's attention, however, that Corona was convicted for reasons other than his sordid association with the Arroyo regime, which the Aquino prosecution, appeared to have deliberately refused to underscore during the trial.

Still, his removal from the Supreme Court only further amplifies the people's demand to push for the prosecution and punishment of Gloria Arroyo and her rotten and fascist ilk for their crimes of plunder and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

The Filipino people are also acutely aware that during the past several months, while mobilizing the entire bureaucracy against Corona, the Aquino regime has provided one accomodation after another for Gloria Arroyo. Not only has the Aquino regime refused to file plunder charges against Arroyo for accepting a several hundred million dollar bribe over the ZTE Broadband Contract, it has also provided Arroyo with detention furloughs, hospital and other accomodations.

The Filipino people are also keenly aware that the removal of Corona will pave the way for Aquino to tighten his control and influence over the Supreme Court. The farm-workers of Hacienda Luisita must intensify their vigilance over likely efforts by Aquino and his Cojuangco clan to overturn the recent decisions of the Supreme Court ordering the distribution of the Hacienda Luisita land.

In securing his influence and control of the Supreme Court, Aquino and his ilk of big business supporters  will be emboldened to push further with their take-over of government contracts and the employment of state funds for so-called public-private projects.

The removal of Corona is being hypocritically portrayed by the reactionary politicos as the dawn of a new day of bureaucratic accountability and clean government. This is pure and utter hogwash! The reality of corruption and bureaucrat capitalism continues under the Aquino regime. Aquino's "righteous path" is an illusion. Pro-Aquino politicians and big bourgeois compradors receive one bureaucratic favor after another.

Police, military, judicial, legislative and executive powers of the reactionary state under Aquino are at the disposal of foreign big business outfits and their local comprador partners to clear prime real estate of poor settlers, corner the juiciest government contracts, clear areas for mining operations, allow tax-exempt operations, pave the way for tariff-free importations, press down workers wages, prevent land reform, suppress mass resistance and so on.

The Filipino people are, therefore, left with no other recourse but to press on further with their mass struggles to push for their democratic demands. While demanding accountability of the Aquino regime for its continuing faiilure to decisively prosecute and punish Gloria Arroyo and her ilk, they demand jobs, greater social spending, rollback of prices of oil and basic commodities, higher wages, respect for human rights, land reform and national industrialization.