CPP condemns entry of US submarine in Philippine waters

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
May 17, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) denounced the entry in Philippine waters of the nuclear-capable attack submarine USS North Carolina as a violation of Philippine sovereignty.

"The US imperialist war machine entered Philippine waters in total contempt of the territorial integrity of the Philippines, even ignoring the existence of its puppet government," said the CPP. "Officials of the puppet Aquino regime were caught unaware and presented themselves as dumb and useless in the face of the unannounced entry and surfacing of the USS Carline in Subic Bay last Tuesday."

"The unannounced, unwanted and illegal docking of the nuclear-capable USS North Carolina exhibits the increasing arrogance and contemptuous attitude of the US imperialists with regard to Philippine sovereignty," said the CPP. It pointed out that the USS North Carolina, being what the US touts as among its most advanced submarines, is fully capable of maintaining and firing nuclear rockets and other weapons of mass destruction.

"The US imperialists are making use of the anti-China scenario it has been whipping up in the past several years with the Aquino regime to camouflage and justify the utilization of the Philippines to build up its military presence and conduct power projection operations to control and maintain hegemony over the South China Sea and other crucial sea lanes in the Asia-Pacific region," added the CPP.

"The Filipino people are indignant at how the US imperialist government is making use of the entire Philippines as a vast military base, where it could dock its ships, land its fighter jets, fly its drones, refuel, replenish supplies, conduct repairs, provide rest and recreation for its crew and carry out other crucial and ancillary operations any time and anywhere it wishes," said the CPP.

"Worse, the Philippine government is serving as an imperialist stooge in blindly allowing the US imperialist military to trample on Philippine sovereingty with willfull contempt," added the CPP. "Aquino and his retinue of Amboy officials raise a howl and vigorously wave the flag of 'patriotism' when the Chinese government sails its ships at the edge of Philippine waters, but fall deafeningly silent and fold up the Philippine flag when American military ships and submarines sail and dock within the very scope of Philippine territory."

"The CPP joins the Filipino people in demanding the immediate pullout of the nuclear-capable USS North Carolina submarine. The CPP further reiterates the demand for the abrogation of the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, the Visiting Forces Agreement and other unequal treaties between the imperialist US and its puppet government."